It is very difficult to avoid vibration – it affects the safety and comfort of our vehicles, it affects the structural integrity of our buildings and bridges, and if we’re over-exposed to human vibration, it can even affect our health.

For example, the car, bus or train that you take to work each day will have been extensively tested to make sure it can withstand the mechanical shocks imposed on it – not only to ensure your safety, but also to ensure that you get a smooth ride. To make sure that the wing of an aircraft will not succumb to physical stress, it will have been subjected to measurements of great accuracy. A mobile phone must be able to withstand bouncing around in a backpack as well as being dropped on the floor several times. A satellite has to be able to survive the excessive vibration from being launched into space.


Vibration must be measured and evaluated, either because it causes an immediate problem or because the structure or product has to adhere to a standard or test specification. Vibration testing and monitoring helps manufacturers to ensure quality, reliability and durability of complete products and their components by providing insights into the inner world of vibration within products, machines and structures.

Fundamentals of Vibration

From repetitive, standard tests to complex troubleshooting, from data acquisition to reporting, we provide a unique and comprehensive set of tools spanning the entire measurement chain from shakers, accelerometers and data acquisition systems to data analysis software with the flexibility to deal with a wide range of engineering challenges.

Explore Vibration Measurement and Analysis by Application

Understanding structural dynamics is vital to optimize the inherent dynamic properties and behaviour of structures, leading to lighter, stronger, and safer constructions, less energy consumption, greater comfort, and better performance.


Structural dynamics is an integral part of product development from concept to manufacturing and certification, and subsequently during use and operation.

HBK provides a comprehensive range of applications and solutions for structural testing, monitoring and integration with simulation (FEA).

woman and man doing acoustic quality analysis and vibration production line testing

Sustainable NVH quality assurance in harsh production environment requires robust industrial sensors, reliable data acquisition and real time analyses. HBK experts work together with the manufacturing companies to improve quality testing with the objective of optimizing process costs.

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