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Services that Calibrate, Maintain and Repair. Solutions that Measure, Analyse and Optimize.


HBK Services and Solutions empower our customers and engineers throughout the world to deploy and maintain test and measurement technologies as well as to optimize the use of data from measurement insights to deliver actionable decisions.

HBK’s service programmes ensure optimal uptime through connection, engagement and collaboration with our skilled service engineers. By delivering calibration, installation, maintenance and repair from our accredited HBK labs and in-field service engineers, HBK empowers the high-quality data and knowledge transfer required for effective customer processes and ultimate successes.

HBK’s engineering services consultants support our customers globally across multiple industries including automotive, aerospace and defence, energy, civil construction, off-highway, consumer products, medical and more, with a key focus on areas such as sound quality and structural health monitoring.

HBK’s engineering solutions monitor the life cycle of equipment, plant, and vehicle fleets enabling operators to improve the performance of their assets. HBK solutions increase the value of existing assets by maximizing safety, and sustainability and optimizing equipment availability and operational decision-making while reducing costs and avoiding inefficiencies.

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HBK offers a comprehensive range of both on and off site calibration services. We are committed to working with our customers to deliver the accuracy and the product optimization required to deliver the highest levels of confidence in acquired data. The calibrated data we procure is critical to directly driving key design and operating decisions by providing measurement documentation to minimize the risk of error, and costs in securing product quality. Our calibration services help you meet national and international regulations and legal requirements.

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Repair and Rental

Our repair and rental teams work with our customers to deploy robust product and service support schedules with a full range of maintenance and repair services designed to minimize downtime, maximize the life of your equipment, and avoid unplanned repair costs. These include on-site services if it is inconvenient to move your system.

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Engineering Services

HBK engineering services work with a wide variety of products and industries from around the world to improve the noise and vibration performance of their products. The Engineering Services team also offers complete structural health monitoring solutions that include precision sensors and instruments for testing, data acquisition systems and software, as well data analysis services within bridges, rail, offshore foundation and many more areas…

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Field Services

At HBK, we understand the importance of embedded 'on site' and 'in the field' customer collaboration, where being able to experience our customers' challenges is essential when creating the solutions and support structures needed to deliver optimized success. Our field services team are equipped and always ready to be at our customers' side when called upon for installation support, equipment maintenance and essential calibration when data assurance is always a priority.

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Engineering Solutions

HBK’s engineering solutions add value to our product portfolio, delivering end to end systems, processes, and actionable engineering insights to customers through utilizing our extensive software solutions to embedding expert and driving process transformation. Our engineering solution teams enable customers to optimize product and process deployment to create an overall operational environment that is secure, sustainable, efficient and delivers actionable insights.

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