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QuantumX Calibration

Results You Can Trust: Calibrate Your QuantumX or SomatXR DAQ Modules

Calibration / Traceability - Quick and Easy

Calibration is a way to ensure measurements taken with a device are acceptably close to the true value of a measured quantity. At its core, a calibration can only ever estimate the true value of a measurement, but it's still possible to get close to the truth. This is done by comparing a reference source with the signals of the measurement device. Best practices dictate that this reference device should be traceable to SI units via a national or an international standard. HBM offers a fast and reliable calibration service on-site or at one of our accredited labs. All calibration data is stored in the HBM Calibration Cloud and is available as a digital certificate. This provides users with readily available and reliable documentation at any time –and ensures successful audits!

Quality & Safety

  • Determine accuracy
  • Prove traceability
  • Ensure safety
  • Assure compliance with certifications

Long-Term Investment

  • Invest in the future
  • Increase consistency and reliability
  • Prevent and predict process failures

Digital Certificate

  • Digital working standard certificate
  • Traceable results available online
  • National and international standards

How Often Should I Calibrate my Device?

The recommended calibration interval heavily depends on your application and usage of the device. As a guideline, a measurement amplifier should be calibrated every 12 months to a maximum of 24 months.
In the case of a very important long-term test, a DAQ module should be calibrated directly before conducting the test to ensure confidence in the measurement values. In practice, the user determines the ideal calibration interval based on experience.
Electrics as well as electronic sensors and devices show a drift, some more than others. HBM proves the accuracy of its QuantumX or SomatXR DAQ systems by embedding all digital data of its end-of-line working standard calibration. The certificate can be generated as a PDF file via standard PC software.


Digital Calibration Certificate

Click below to see what a digital calibration certificate from HBM looks like:



Scope of calibration:

Voltage ratio, DC voltage, DC current, Temperature, Frequency

Increased Comfort and Safety – With On-Site System Calibration

HBM offers on-site calibrations for your QuantumX and SomatXR. DAQ systems which saves downtime and money. Thanks to our professional calibration team, the amplifier will be available again quickly for your next measurement task. HBM stores all new certificates along with all previous calibration certificates in the amplifier's memory. This allows the user to quickly see a particular amplifier’s calibration history at any time. In addition to that, we store all certificates in the HBM Calibration Cloud.

  • Calibration at your premises  
  • Minimization of machine downtime  
  • Modules ready to use in no time 


To get in contact with the HBM calibration team or to schedule a slot for your calibration, please click here.

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