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Energy generation, processing and distribution are highly complex and susceptible to failure. Challenges on the global scale require energy providers to constantly adapt and innovate. A comprehensive set of national and international standards help guarantee sustainability and the protection of the environment as well as safety, quality and total control of the energy produced. These standards call for constant monitoring and analysis of power grid stability and power generating unit performance to ensure stable power quality and supply. And this applies to all sectors, be it renewables, nuclear or fossil energy.


HBK measurement technology has long been of vital importance to the energy industry helping customers all over the world to ensure safe, reliable energy generation and power grid stability. Our solutions support the entire lifecycle – from planning and engineering through to manufacturing, execution, and field service.


When dealing with electrical energy, nothing is more important than protecting people from dangerous voltages. HBK equipment meets and exceeds all relevant safety standards in an uncompromising approach and offers state-of-the-art test solutions based on fiber optic technology.


Power generation and distribution testing must comply with global standards, whether for grid harmonics such as the IEC61000-4-7 or switchgear testing according to STL conventions. Providing the most accurate results, HBK measurement solutions have been developed to help our customers meet and exceed these standards.


Providing accurate measurement results is important, but making the results traceable is even more important. HBK’s unique approach of storing all raw data and disclosing all formulas used allows you to understand and verify every single process step.

Your Partner Through the Entire Product Life Cycle  

With more than 40 years of experience in designing and developing test equipment for the energy industry, HBK is a market-leading supplier.


First, test instrumentation for the energy market needs to be safe. And it needs to adapt to stringent voltage and current requirements. Moreover, it must be able to record everything from lightning impacts to long-term trends in grid stability. Our vast product portfolio includes “lightning-fast” transient recorders for impulse and switchgear testing by relevant standards.


Our power analyzers bridge the gap between electrical and mechanical testing. They meet the needs of a dynamic and electrical environment. The most powerful of these products offer uncompromised fiber-optical-based isolation to guarantee user safety, signal integrity, and remote operation capabilities. 

Feeding and maintaining a power grid is demanding. Be it a nationwide 50/60 Hz setup or a DC microgrid on board a plane or vessel.

Our products monitor power quality by all relevant standards like the IEC61000-4-7. Or they can be used for repetitive testing to ensure the safety of nuclear or conventional power plants. The reporting capabilities of our software packages are key here. Automatically generated test reports are proof of properly working components – or their failure.

Time is money, especially when the grid or parts of it are down. Troubleshooting in the energy market is a demanding task.


Instruments need to withstand potential overvoltage and still survive and protect the user. That is why our products are certified to up to 1000 V CAT IV, the highest standard available. And when it comes to catching the “once-in-a-lifetime event” to understand malfunctions, our scalable hardware-based trigger and recording capabilities ensure you get the data you need to resolve your problem. It also enables you to recognize upcoming problems and take preventive action.

Key Areas of Application

High voltage transformer against the blue sky. Electric current redistribution substation

Power network providers need to continuously watch over the stability and quality of their grids. HBK provides engineers with advanced test solutions to gain deeper insights into these highly managed energy distribution systems to optimize their behaviour.

Smart Grids

Smart Grids instantly control the state of the entire network, balance loads, and prevent breakdowns before they happen. Reconfigure the network in case of a malfunction and avoid power failure thanks to intelligent self-control systems.

Battery testing

Innovative energy storage such as high-capacity, high-power batteries are key to the industrial transformation towards electrification. HBK testing solutions will help you meet the challenges of battery safety and long service life.

Grid stability

As energy cannot be stored in the grid, providers need to constantly balance supply (power generation) and demand (power consumption). HBK provides advanced measurement and test solutions that help you mitigate the effect of sudden load changes.

Inverter and multi-level inverter testing

The entire measurement chain for high-voltage and inverter control testing is complex. HBK provides the best solutions for power measurements at inverters which help you understand where losses occur to increase efficiency.

wind turbines farm on a hill

Power generation is the starting point of the value chain in the energy sector. It’s quality and efficiency have an impact on the quality and stability of the entire grid.  HBK test and measurement technology meets the challenging testing requirements for machinery in energy production – whether onshore or offshore, whether renewables, nuclear, or oil and gas. 

Wind turbine testing

Increasing the reliability of wind turbines is a challenge due to remote locations and harsh environments. Monitoring wind load on turbine blades is a key area where HBK helps with accurate design validation and reliable, cost-effective measurements.

Wind turbine generator testing

Measuring efficiency on directly driven permanent magnet generators (PMG) of wind turbines is challenging. Yet, determining efficiency whenever you want to validate design modifications is important. Rely on HBK for fast and precise measurements.

Nuclear power testing

Maintaining safe operation of nuclear power requires thousands of repetitive safety tests. Easy-to-use data recorders assisting test personnel during setup and delivering automatic Go/No-go results help to minimize downtime and save costs.

Electrical engineer using a laptop to monitor the operation of the solar rooftop, with wind turbines/windmills in the background. Renewable energy concepts.

Connecting plants where energy is produced to the industry and private households where it is consumed, is a highly complex task. To ensure a stable, reliable power supply, it is extremely important to constantly monitor network quality and stability and to regularly test the electrical strength of all components by international standards. This allows you to plan your maintenance activities ahead of time and avoid unforeseen outages. 

Hydrogen renewable energy production - hydrogen gas for clean electricity solar and windturbine facility. 3d rendering.

As the global shift away from fossil fuels intensifies, and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions gain momentum, the hydrogen industry is in the focus as a key player in the quest for sustainable and green energy solutions.
With applications spanning producing hydrogen, transportation, energy storage, industrial processes, and power generation, hydrogen has the potential to revolutionise the way we produce and consume energy.
However, this gas presents special safety challenges for hydrogen production, storage, and distribution. 

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