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Aerospace & Defence

For aerospace manufacturers, maximizing productivity and optimizing the total cost of ownership of production equipment are the crucial success factors to maintaining long-term competitive advantage.

And while the aerospace sector is seriously concerned with aviation efficiency and the requirements of environmental directives, defence industry manufacturers have the added concerns of ensuring reliability and high performance of military systems, often under extreme conditions.


Ever‐shortening design and development time frames of modern aerospace and space programs demand 'right‐first-time' engineering.


HBK has developed software and hardware solutions which reduce test time so that our customers can reduce time to market.

Your Partner Through the Entire Product Life Cycle  

A&D products are complex, expensive and have a long lifecycle. Development often starts virtually with simulation playing a role in achieving the desired results. However, results still need to be validated by physical testing of prototypes to increase confidence and data integrity before production. High-quality, time- and cost-efficient testing is critical to meeting program milestones, and HBK adds real value to the development and validation process by providing integrated solutions for test and measurement.

Engineer with a Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) uniform in front of an aircraft

Before certification, aerospace products face intensive qualification tests and flight trials, to ensure that equipment designs meet performance expectations. Malfunction is not an option. Design flaws must be discovered to ensure maximum safety in operation. Qualification testing is critical in the evaluation of the static and dynamic structural integrity of a system. HBK solutions help manufacturers achieve the certificate of airworthiness and qualify new developments before introduction.

HBK continues to support ongoing testing in the field for legal compliance, extended product life plus monitoring of environmental impact with engineering services and solutions. These include predictive maintenance and reliability solutions that support a wide range of reliability and maintainability analysis techniques, including life data analysis and accelerated life testing.

Industry Segments

military vehicle on the ground
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Ground Defence

Mastering the Challenges of Testing Hybrid and Electric Aircraft

Aircraft manufacturers have long been working on making flying more environmentally friendly. The innovations which will make this next generation of sustainable aircraft possible are going to involve changes to all elements of the aircraft: propulsion systems, structures, and flight strategies.


HBK enables these innovations by empowering engineers to confidently test and validate their designs to ensure airworthiness.

electric aircraft charger station with plug and power cable supply on cargo or airplane parking with blue sky background
A screen computer with HBK ADVANTAGE software, a phone with HBK COMPANION mobile app and a rack of HBK FUSION hardware for data acquisition for engineers

HBK FUSION and HBK ADVANTAGE: Next Era of Data Acquisition and Processing

Data acquisition is entering a new era. Time is more precious, standards are higher, and tests are more complex.

We're building a platform to help engineers survive and thrive, even as the Aerospace & Defence industry evolves. For lab and bench, HBK FUSION and HBK ADVANTAGE is designed to meet your test and measurement needs with high performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Intuitive software and flexible hardware to gather data quickly. All in one place!


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