Reliability is the probability that an item will continue to perform its intended function without failure for a specified period of time under stated conditions. This encompasses most products, from electronics or mechanical hardware products, to manufacturing processes or even services. Ensuring acceptable reliability is vital for business success as it directly affects warranty costs, maintenance costs, customer satisfaction, reputation, liability, and competitive advantage. Operating with reactive measures to unexpected failures is no longer acceptable in today’s business climate.

Assessing the reliability of products, components and systems and optimizing the maintainability and availability of processes and plants requires the smart use of data and analytics. HBK provides a powerful range of reliability software solutions to facilitate a comprehensive set of reliability engineering modeling and analysis techniques.

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Ensure reliability, make predictions, and forecast warranty to demonstrate that your product's reliability goals are met. Perform life data analysis to discover failure trends, design effective reliability and demonstration tests, and evaluate your failures with appropriate sample size and test duration. 

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