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Torque Measurement Tips & Tricks

Precisely measuring and acquiring torque is critical. Learn more about the most important basics of torque measurement!

Measuring Torque Correctly eBook

"Measuring Torque Correctly" by Rainer Schicker and Georg Wegener is the worldwide standard in the field of torque. We offer you this book as a free download. Topics include:
  • Design, application and installation of torque transducers
  • Analysis of vibration processes
  • Calibration of torque transducers
Get your free download now

Torque Glossary: A clear and simple explanation of technical terms

Characteristic values, accuracy class and thermal influence - benefit from our practical on-line glossary to look up the most important technical terms in the field of torque measurement. Go to the torque glossary

Torque measurement in drivetrain technology

Measuring torque precisely, in particular on rotating parts, places high demands on test bench manufacturers and users. There are two different approaches to determining torque: the direct and the indirect method. How do these methods work? Read the complete article on torque measuring methods

White papers: Selecting & installing torque sensors


Our experts have put together two white papers to help you with your torque measurement needs, going over the basics on how to select a torque sensor and taking that one step further with instructions on how to install one. The white papers, available for download, are "How to Select a Rotating Torque Sensor" and "21 Tips on How to Install a Torque Sensor".

Torque Measurement Videos

Calibrating a torque transducer using the shunt signal


The calculation of the measurement uncertainty for torque applications


The setup of a torque transducer by means of parameters from the data sheet and calibration certificate


Torque Couplings Explained


Articles on Torque Measurement