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HBK ADVANTAGE is an important step into the future of testing and data acquisition. Whatever you’re up against, HBK ADVANTAGE makes data acquisition simple, flexible, and fast, with ergonomic design and unmatched ease of use.

As a result, you can dramatically increase your efficiency and productivity. And it’s a change you’ll notice from the earliest stages of setup. With automated sensor configuration and the HBK COMPANION app for assigning sensors to measurement points, starting your measurements has never been so easy.

So you can hit the ground running, test with precision, and share the results with your colleagues from the same simple-yet-sophisticated platform.

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Efficient at every stage

  • Set up and get started sooner with the HBK COMPANION app
  • Get fast, traceable results
  • Customise your setup with an open approach to software

Designed for ease of use

  • Work comfortably with dark mode and zooming
  • Work faster with instant undo and redo
  • Work sooner with an intuitive interface and no need for training
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Future-proof performance

  • Faster throughput with a 64-bit architecture and support for multiple cores
  • Stay flexible with a web-based platform, built for collaboration
  • Leverage six decades of experience in every aspect of data physics

Flexible Data Acquisition, Built Around You

HBK ADVANTAGE lets you get started however you want – from a free version for simple setups to a rich set of functions paving the way for the future of testing.

Token-based licensing for high flexibility

Configure channels in the software or HBK COMPANION app

Process and calculate live data

Visualise and analyze your data using a wide range of tools

Work your way with dark and light visual modes

Use enhanced recording including trigger scenarios

Mobile screen of the HBK COMPANION app for the HBK ADVANTAGE data acquisition software

Every Test Engineer's Best Friend

The HBK COMPANION app puts data acquisition at your fingertips with:


  • Effortless documenting of measurement points in the field;
  • Tools to read sensor specs from QR codes;
  • Flexible parameter configuration for data acquisition;
  • A simple way to match sensors and hardware inputs;
  • Complete logging of sensor locations, positions, directions, and orientations.

Get the HBK COMPANION app here

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Start using your HBK FUSION with the HBK ADVANTAGE software now!

One Partner For Your Entire Solution

HBK ADVANTAGE puts reliable data acquisition at the heart of your toolchain. And we can also help you build out the rest.

From sensors to the HBK FUSION data acquisition system, our microservice-based architecture means you get a complete, comprehensive solution. All backed by our global service and support.

Test situation in the area of structural tests with FUSION and ADVANTAGE, DAQ and software system

A Support and Service Team You Can Count On

Engineering services to enhance your product and engineering capabilities

Continuous firmware updates to introduce new features

Regular calibration to safeguard data quality and provide traceability

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