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About Hottinger Brüel & Kjær

Woman looking at the laptop, at home office, in a virtual call meeting with the global team of HBK

A Changing Industry

With an increasing need to measure, analyse and understand more things, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) enabling easier access to vast amounts of data, accelerated product development, more complex systems, and fewer physical prototypes – digitization is reshaping the test and measurement industry. 


Products and processes are becoming more intelligent, smart and connected and product creation more reliant on simulation and computer-aided engineering (CAE). Despite this, physical testing remains critical, being key to creating usable, clean data and qualifying virtual or simulated results.


Faced with these challenges, today’s engineers need highly accurate, integrated systems to balance performance requirements and bring their products to market faster. And while data traceability, accuracy, reliability and interoperability still rank high on the list of customer demands, ease of use, flexibility and cost efficiency are also of paramount importance.


HBK provides a complete portfolio of solutions across the test and measurement product life cycle, that unite the physical world of sensors, testing and measurement with the digital world of simulation, modelling software and analysis.

As testing and measuring are becoming more software-driven and data-intense, we want to use our combined strength to drive the digitalization and virtualization of the product creation process rather than react to it.


Ben Bryson, President 

portrait image of Ben Bryson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HBK

The Product Physics Experts

For many decades, HBM and Brüel & Kjær have been trusted by multiple industries to deliver highly accurate technologies and expertise in test and measurement. Synonymous with innovation and quality, these two renowned and pioneering brands joined forces to become HBK (Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær), forming the world’s foremost provider of integrated test, measurement, control, and simulation solutions for product performance evaluation.


HBK continues to build on the two legacies, untapping the potential of combined knowledge and insight within three physical domains – mechanical, sound and vibration and electrical – and allowing us to pursue solutions for the unmet needs of our customers.

3D image of a turbine from a jet engine


CAE/test integration: we provide better tools for using CAE and test data together for faster product development and less prototype:


  • Vehicle simulators
  • Structural dynamics
  • Reliability analysis


We support R&D to ensure the highest quality measurements and deliver turnkey solutions in our strategic markets


  • Broadest range of transducers for evaluating physical product performance
  • Data acquisition systems for a wide range of applications including lab-based, multi-channel systems, ruggedized industrial monitoring systems and portable/mobile systems for field measurements
  • Software platforms for data recording, real-time measurement and data post-processing
  • Turnkey solutions for our four focus markets – Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Telecom & Consumer Products and Machinery.
engineer touching a desktop screen in a 3D image of a car during the development phase in the Automotive industry


Production QA Test: we provide accurate and repeatable tools for the correct evaluation of product performance


  • Highly stable, integrated transducers for production QA and tolerance assessments
  • Ruggedized and tamper-proof acquisition hardware
  • Hardware drivers and APIs for multiple development platforms
  • Core acquisition and data analysis software to simplify user application development

Deployment – Field Compliance

We establish that the product meets its design performance specifications once installed


  • Product validation software and services to ensure that products meet both customer expectations and legal requirements regarding noise emissions and survivability:

− Pass-by evaluation

− Source analysis for vehicles

− Launch survivability for satellites and GVTs

− Durability assessment for aircraft

− Structural integrity monitoring

− Ship conformance to legal performance envelope

Close-up of aircraft maintenance technician screwing part into the wing of an airplane at the hangar

Hand of a man touching an in-vehicle infotainment system inside the car, with a graphic of geometric figures leaving the screen

Operational – Field Service

We ensure the continued optimum performance of products in operation and early warning of potential failure. With the growth of IoT, product liability and robotics, there is an increased demand for OEM sensors. HBK is broadening a range of transducers, signal conditioning and DAQ systems and software products to satisfy this trend:


  • Transducers ranging from miniature load cells embedded into medical probes to large torque sensors for ship drivelines
  • Multiple turnkey monitoring systems to fleet vehicles for real-time assessment failure prediction
  • Prediction software that, when used in conjunction with real-time measurements acquired from the field installations, can predict failure and schedule servicing
  • Infotainment software for vehicle interior sound enhancement