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Software Maintenance and Support Contract (M1)

In today's business conditions, your systems and equipment must be running smoothly. The Software Maintenance and Support Contract (M1) helps you reach your market and technical goals.

We help you keep your analyzer system up to date, and we deliver access to our team of experts, providing fast, technical support when you need it.

With a Software Maintenance and Support Agreement, we become an ongoing business partner offering services that are aligned with your needs. Our commitment is to keep you and your equipment up to date, and operating with a minimum of downtime.

When you buy from Brüel & Kjær, you buy products that meet the highest standards in quality and performance. Time and money are both precious commodities in today’s competitive world and to keep pace with new business requirements, your system must be up to date.

When you buy from us, you also buy into the most comprehensive global network of services and support in the sound and vibration business.


Get Access to Technical Experts

The Software Maintenance and Support Contract (M1) gives you access to the newest version of our software and provides priority access to technical experts, delivering support when you need it.

Benefit from Support Contract

An M1 Support Contract provides the following benefits:

  • The newest functionality
    Our engineers are always working to improve equipment functionality, from features to better software user experience, based on customer feedback and needs. You get access to the newest version as it becomes available.
  • Priority 'hotline' technical support
    Our technical support team is committed to helping you when expert technical help is required. We help during set-up, in test and measurement, and in post-processing your data. With a global team of skilled specialists and application engineers, we deliver fast support even for advanced inquiries.
  • Aligned software installations
    If you have more than one system, they may be different software versions. An M1 Contract gives you the option to update all your hardware to the latest version, guaranteeing that all systems are optimized to your requirements.
  • Activity days or discounted training
    With an M1 Contract, you are also invited to update your knowledge, learn new applications, and network with the industry, we even offer discounts for relevant training courses.
  • Receive attractive offers during the year
    Finally, you will be the first to know and receive attractive offers exclusive to M1 Contract holders. These offers can provide substantial cost savings during the year.

Download our Software Maintenance and Support Agreement