A screen computer with HBK ADVANTAGE software, a phone with HBK COMPANION mobile app and a rack of HBK FUSION hardware for data acquisition for engineers

Built for lab and bench, HBK FUSION and HBK ADVANTAGE data acquisition (DAQ) hardware and software are designed to help engineers keep up with the demands of data acquisition in development, qualification, and certification. 

Powerful, intuitive DAQ software. Robust, flexible hardware. Created to meet your measurement needs. All working together to help you quickly and easily gather data. 


And it’s only the beginning. Every day, HBK FUSION and HBK ADVANTAGE are being evolved, optimised, and fine-tuned.

Lean Data Acquisition You Can Trust

The Next Era of Data Acquisition and Processing

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  • Excel/CSV file import and export for easy channel and sensor setup
  • First DAQ device complying with the openDAQ standard
  • Web-based user interface gives easy access anywhere
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  • Built on 60 years of data physics experience
  • Focusing on long-term stability and repeatability for many years of operation
  • Based on future-proof technologies to ensure longevity
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  • Faster test preparation together with the fully integrated HBK COMPANION app
  • Better integration and faster functional extensions
  • Automated workflows speed up repetitive tasks
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  • One partner for sensor, DAQ, software, services, and support makes every stage of development seamless
  • Multiple features adapt to many versatile applications
  • Scale to your needs and the size of your team
  • Choose the right sensor input, acquisition speed and level of accuracy for your needs


  • User-friendly interface helps you work fast and find what you need intuitively
  • Work comfortably with zooming and choose between dark and light modes
  • Customisable interface adapts to your working style

The Path to Better Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is entering a new era.

Time is more precious. Standards are higher. Tests are more complex.

We're building a platform that can help engineers thrive, even as their industry evolves. Simplifying the tangle of multiple forms of DAQ software, devices, and incompatible data types that slow you down, complicate your work and interfere with your accuracy.

HBK FUSION and HBK ADVANTAGE are designed to support engineers from a broad range of industries, across a wide range of test and measurement applications. And this powerful data acquisition hardware and software will continue to evolve.


A dedicated solution, ready for engineers to roll out and start using.


New capabilities added and features fine-tuned. HBK FUSION and HBK ADVANTAGE is constantly being improved and optimised.

The future

More industries, more applications. One ecosystem with everything you need for data acquisition, data analysis, and data processing.

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Benefit from Excellent Service and Support

  • Engineering services to enhance your product and engineering capabilities
  • Continuous firmware and software updates providing new features
  • Regular calibration service ensuring high-quality data and providing full traceability.