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Railway Measurements Webinar Series

Measurement in and for Railway – HBK Ecosystem

  7 July 2021

Learn how HBK supports the railway industry with its modern measurement solutions for predictive maintenance of vehicles or infrastructures, addressing:

  • Component tests and vehicle validation
  • Noise verification
  • In-operation measurement

On-board and Wayside Train Measurement

  14 July 2021

This session covers how you can design your own systems through open interfaces and high flexibility with the TSI-SPOT® concept for:

  • Wayside train measurements to evaluate the condition of the vehicle
  • On-board track and vehicle measurements for sensor-based testing and monitoring 

Rail Vehicle Moving Source Beamforming

  21 July 2021

This webinar focuses on the localization of noise sources with beamforming, an array-based measurement technique. Learn about:

  • Beamforming methods for stationary and pass-by measurements
  • Hardware and software setup
  • Visualization and ranking of the main noise sources

Durability and Reliability Post-processing

  28 July 2021

In this webinar, we covered how reliability and durability techniques enable rail operators and infrastructure managers to: 

  • Gain more insights from data collected in operation
  • Go beyond in-house specifications to improve reliability and durability
  • Optimize design or maintenance strategies to save time and money

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