What's New in nCode 2023

Discover what's new for data analytics and CAE simulation

Release highlights

The release of nCode 2023 brings improvements in functionality and performance for nCode DesignLife, nCode GlyphWorks, and nCode VibeSys software products encompassing 155 built-in processing and display glyphs and support for over 50 data formats. This latest version of nCode 2023 offers new enhancements that continue to deliver data-driven confidence through accurate analysis post-processing and CAE simulation. 

Current customers on active software maintenance can gain access to nCode 2023 and full release documentation using the Support Portal.

Faster analysis with 4 processing threads

Faster Analysis with 4 processing Threads

The number of threads included by default in DesignLife has been increased from 2 to 4.

This will give a up to doubling of the analysis speed before needing extra thread licenses. 

The 4 processing threads are also available for the translation phase and can lead to a significant reduction in the translation phase of the overall process.

Improved formatting capabilities for tables

Improved Formatting Capabilities for Tables

GlyphWorks is a great tool for crunching data and reducing it to useful metrics that usually end up in a multicolumn table. Tables can be sorted and filtered but the Multi Column Manipulation glyph has been improved with two additional methods to format result tables: 

  • Summary Table is particularly useful when manipulating data from multiple tests 
  • Transpose for rows to become columns and columns to become rows.
Coloured features on time series

Coloured Features on Time Series

The XY Display glyph can now set and display individual colours for each feature type from a feature list. This is particularly useful when looking at measured data where different sections highlight different phenomena. 


There may be multiple section types, each defined with a particular user-defined condition. In this case each section type can be displayed with a specific colour;

Usability improvements

Usability Improvements

nCode 2023 introduces a number of usability improvements. This includes enhancements to existing glyphs such as the Concatenation glyph, which can now have more than two time series input pads, making a workflow with multiple input files to be concatenated easier to build and more readable.


Other improvements include the information of a flow file version in the Journal when the flow is loaded in nCode.

Multi-temperature Dang Van

Multi-temperature Dang Van Analysis

The capabilities of the Dang Van safety factor analysis have been extended to include the effect of high temperatures for powertrain.


A new material type has been introduced to allow the use of multiple Dang Van curves at different temperatures.


This is an iso-thermal analysis where a single temperature is obtained for each entity in the FE model.

Adhesive bond improvements

Adhesive Bond Improvements

A new modeling method using solid elements to assess the durability of adhesive is introduced. This is in addition to the current method using beam elements.


This new modeling method also enables the use of the standard SN solver. This method is possible due to the more ductile nature if newer adhesives.

The free edges of the solid elements can be wrapped in a skin of membrane elements and the new X_Stress or Y_Stress option can be used for the analysis.

Further enhancements

Additional improvements in nCode 2023 include:

  • Overall spectrum available as a specific option in the ComplexFrequencyManipulation glyph  
  • MATLAB MAT file format supported up to version 7.3 
  • Time series can be saved in the MDF 4 file format 
  • CSV files now readable directly as Time Series
  • New vibration fatigue glyphs available for EN, spot weld and seam weld analyses
  • New worked example for vibration loading with modal coordinates 
  • Seven new materials in the premium material database 
  • Three new FKM material databases (5th, 6th and 7th editions of the FKM Guide

Cyber essentials certificate

We are certified Cyber Essentials Plus (CEP)


  • CEP is a UK Government backed industry supported scheme. It helps us to address the required cyber security standards we must meet for our customers. Certification demonstrates our commitment to cyber security. 
  • Security vulnerabilities have been resolved in IT infrastructure, software applications and our own software products. 
  • Process improvements have been made so that we do not accrue technical debt as new vulnerabilities emerge.

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