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Correlation study of a commercial truck biaxial test

At the 2018 nCode User Group Meeting, Accuride presented an introduction of fatigue analysis in the commercial truck wheel industry followed by an implementation of nCode DesignLife used for calculation of Required Fatigue Strength (RFS). Predicting fatigue damage and RFS are two methods for evaluating biaxial load testing of wheel subject to prescribed loading profiles. One of the next steps identified in the presentation was the need for follow up correlation work.

This presentation is a continuation that summarizes the correlation of measured time series biaxial test data with predicted analytical values using nCode GlyphWorks and DesignLife. The correlation begins with evaluating control input loading versus actual wheel force reactions. A strain gaged wheel is used to measure wheel strains that can be used to compare single cycle strain histories as well as test fatigue damage and RFS values. Comparisons are made with predicted values using DesignLife.

This correlation project identified area for improvement in our testing and data analysis processes. Improvements opportunities in FEA loading are also pointed out. Next steps will be to update our correlation process followed by repeated testing and failure mode correlation.


Predict test fatigue and show correlation with damage from measured strains as well as actual observed failures.


nCode GlyphWorks to evaluate time series data gathered from running a sample wheel loading sequence. The data evaluated included wheel force transducer and strain gage output. Tables of load input and predicted strains were also input for correlation with time series data.


Progress has been made towards performance prediction capability for the LBF biaxial test of commercial truck wheels. Every test series eliminated potentially saves 4-6 months of time to market.

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Test data processing and durability analysis

nCode GlyphWorks is a data processing system that contains a powerful set of pre-defined tools for performing durability analysis and other insightful tasks such as digital signal processing. Designed to handle huge amounts of data, GlyphWorks provides a graphical, process-oriented environment that contains leading analysis capabilities for saving both time and money in environmental qualification and product validation.

CAE-based fatigue analysis

nCode DesignLife is an up-front design tool that identifies critical locations and calculates realistic fatigue lives from leading finite element (FE) results for both metals and composites. Design engineers can go beyond performing simplified stress analysis and avoid under- or over-designing products by simulating actual loading conditions to avoid costly design changes.

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