What's New in Aqira 2020 and nCodeDS

Discover new capabilities for democratizing analysis and working remotely


Release highlights

Aqira 2020 offers new capabilities and solutions for standardizing and democratizing analysis. Aqira provides the ability to remotely access nCode GlyphWorks, DesignLife or VibeSys processes directly through a web browser with no local installation necessary, making it an ideal option for staying productive while working from home.

For a limited time, eligible customers may access Aqira at no cost for up to six months1 so that you can remain productive during this unprecedented time. Contact us for eligibility and details.

Web-based analysis and apps

Aqira provides an instant solution for the challenges presented with working from home. Its ‘Remote nCode’ eliminates the need for local installation and enables traditional nCode desktop analyses to be run using a web-browser – all analysis is performed on the server.

Aqira's engineering apps focus more on the results and efficient decision making - rather than on the details of the analysis. Apps encapsulate expert defined processes and are a great way to easily share validated, up-to-date analytical processes with engineers of varying experience. A browser-based, high performance FE model viewer is particularly well suited for reviewing nCode DesignLife results over the web.

Indexing and data search

Aqira 2020 now provides an indexing API that can be run from within Apps to extract necessary information from files. This API allows the indexing of data files in a programmatic manner within the Python Runner component and allows for more complex indexing logic and more control over the batch indexing of data. With properly indexed data, users can easily find and interact with data (file, test, or channel) using a new Search Results App component in Aqira 2020. This component allows users to interact with results displayed in a paginated manner for greater readability and responsiveness. Each results item is displayed as a single table row containing the metadata items specified in the original data search.  

Streamed data analytics - nCodeDS

Designed for scalable deployment within Aqira, nCodeDS delivers significantly faster analysis of large volumes of data. nCodeDS 2020 now provides 30 different processing nodes, including Index Manipulation Node and Joint Distribution Node. Aqira 2020 also offers support for the indexing of additional engineering data file formats for use in nCodeDS processing including B&K BKC Time Series (.bkc)HBM Genesis Highspeed (.pnrf)Vector (ASAM) MDF4 and Dewesoft (d7d, dxd). 

Additional functionality in Aqira 2020

  • New user configurable CSV format support to allow wide range of file formats to be read
  • CAN bus data in Vector (ASAM) MDF4 file format can now be read accessed using multiple simultaneous DBC files
  • nCodeDS output CSV files can be displayed directly in Aqira’s Table Viewer app component
  • Administrators can now visualize Prenscia Access token license usage according to groups of users through dashboard charts

See Aqira 2020 and nCodeDS in action

Attend a live webinar on May 13th to learn how engineers can rapidly gain insights from large quantities for sensor data using Aqira. Recorded presentations from earlier broadcasts are also available to view at your convenience.

Learn more about nCodeDS through recorded presentations:

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