Whether used in industrial, hygienic, static, or dynamic weighing applications, HBK components offer a flexible modular kit enabling you to design the optimal solution for your purpose: combine load cells, weighing modules, mounting aids, and other accessories with state-of-the art electronics and specialized software to form your dedicated measurement chain.


HBK, as a component manufacturer, stands for an independent solution not purchased from a competitor.  You are guaranteed legal compliance, and the necessary precision for increased efficiency in terms of financial and production or plant viability. Explosion-proof, hygienically designed, or EMC-tested products are available, just like a global network of experts who can support you. 

Explore Weighing by Application

Food packaging

Fast, precise, compliant, hygienic, and financially viable: HBK load cells and weighing electronics offer a flexible, long-lasting food packaging solution that increases productivity and reduces overfilling as well as machine downtime.


Checkweighing is becoming increasingly important with process automation, and has the potential to reduce cost and waste considerably. Create your own checkweighing solution with specialized load cells and software from HBK.

Multi-head weighing

Multi-head weighers are widely used in the packaging industry due to their fast speed and high precision in the weighing of individual portions. HBK can support with tailored load cells, weighing electronics and software algorithms.

Truck and train scales

Truck scales weigh vehicles to record quantities or avoid overloading. These weighing systems need to be able to withstand heavy loads and unfavourable environmental conditions while covering large distances and passing legal requirements.

Platform scales

Platform scales are used for many applications ranging from letter to retail scales. Requirements are different, but what these scales have in common is their flat design and easy operability. HBK offers a broad range of single point load cells.

Medical scales

Medical scales need to determine the weight of patients, organs, and specimens. Verified medical scales must fulfill several regulations and be approved as medical products. Talk to a dedicated HBK expert to discuss these requirements.

Silo and tank level weighing

Inventory control demands checking the level of contents in a storage tank or silo, often in adverse environmental conditions. HBK’s components will offer the perfect solution, from a basic indication of the tank level to a complete weighing module.

Filling, dosing and batching

Control complex sorting, weighing, batching, and filling processes quickly and accurately. HBK solutions aim to exceed the functionality, speed, and accuracy, through robust and hygienic load cells and powerful electronics and software.