Financial Integrity & Protecting our Assets

Each of us has a duty to live up to our Values and our Code

Use & Safeguarding of Company Assets

Our assets enable us to operate safely and efficiently and grow our business.


Our commitments:


Our technologies, intellectual property, commercially sensitive information, financial and physical assets are vital to our business and we protect them from unauthorised use and disclosure.


We work to obtain the best value from our assets by using them properly and protecting them from mis-use.

Intellectual Property

It is essential that we protect our innovations and intellectual assets and recognise and respect those of others.


Our commitments:


We must respect and protect the intellectual property and innovations we hold and create across our business.


We safeguard all our valuable information and remain aware of external threats that may seek to exploit or steal this from us.


We respect the intellectual property and valuable information of others and only use it and store it with the correct authorisation.

Accuracy & Integrity of Business Records

Trust in our business is dependent on the certainty of our financial conduct, published information and the controls that help maintain this.


Our commitments:


We maintain accurate and complete records of all our business dealings.


We follow all applicable regulations relating to tax, duties and anti-money laundering.


We will maintain on a timely basis accurate and complete records of our financial transactions, in accordance with our policies, internal control framework and applicable professional standards.

Information Security

Information is at the heart of our business and we must protect it.


Our commitments:


We are committed to handling business and personal information responsibly and in compliance with all applicable laws and customer requirements.


We strive to protect all information, systems, applications, networks and devices across our businesses from external threats looking to exploit any weaknesses in our physical or digital security.


We do not tolerate the use of our business information systems and assets to access, store, or transmit anything considered to be offensive, obscene or inappropriate.


We have a duty to protect and make proper use of information belonging to others.