How we conduct our business

Working With Our Business Partners


The behaviour of our business partners (both good and bad) significantly impact our business.


Our commitments:


We will only engage with business partners (including suppliers, vendors, agents, intermediaries, distributors, customers and others we do business with) of known integrity, who have passed through our appropriate due diligence controls.


In order to work with us our business partners must respect and act consistently with our Values and our Code.


We will treat all of our business partners fairly and as we would wish to be treated.


We take care of commercially sensitive information which our customers or business partners provide to us. We use it appropriately only for legitimate business purposes and only share it with those colleagues who need to know it to support our business.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Bribery & corruption damages communities, individuals and our commercial interests. It is also illegal.


Our commitments:


We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of bribery or corruption in our business dealings. We expect exactly the same behaviours from any business partner working on our behalf and we will undertake the appropriate due diligence and monitoring to support this position.


We never offer, request or accept any gifts, hospitality or entertainment that could be perceived as a bribe, this includes inappropriate charitable donations and sponsorships. We maintain a register for recording gifts, hospitality and entertainment.


We do not make facilitation payments nor permit others to make them on our behalf. We recognise even small facilitation payments as a form of bribery.

Trade Compliance & Export Controls

Our products, services and business information are exported globally, doing this legally is critical for our business.


Our commitments:


We will comply with all applicable export control, sanctions, customs laws and regulations. We will ensure that controls, policies and procedures are in place to support the lawful export of our goods, services, information and technologies.

Fair Competition

We win by winning right and by having the best products and solutions. We thrive in markets that are fair and open.


Our commitments:


We believe in open and fair competition and comply with all competition and anti trust laws. We act with independence in all our commercial decisions and when setting prices.


We will never seek to collaborate or co-ordinate with our competitors, suppliers or distributors in a way that could seek to unfairly limit competition – this means we will never participate in illegal price co-ordination, bid rigging, abuse of dominance, market abuse or customer/market allocation.


We develop our commercial strategies and pricing plans using market intelligence from legitimate sources and our own independent analysis.


Working in an environmentally sustainable way is good for all of us and it is our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact our work may have in the communities in which we operate.


Our commitments:


We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations that apply to our business.


We are striving to minimise the impact of what we do upon the environment in which we operate.


We are focused on growing sustainably while striving to take care of the environment across our business. We will encourage our business partners to do the same.

Product Quality & Safety

Our customers deserve high quality and safe products and services.


Our commitments:


We have a duty to our customers to provide them with products and services that match the promises we have made.


We will always operate in a manner that safeguards the quality and safety of our products and services.


We will ensure that throughout their life cycle our products and services meet the quality standards we have set.


Our reputation matters, we all have a role in what and how we communicate and to behave in a manner that reflects well on our brand.


Our commitments:


We will strive to ensure that public communications are accurate, clear and responsible.


We will work with the media to assist them in understanding our business.


We will be honest and truthful in all our sales, marketing and advertising activities.


Spectris Group will keep all our shareholders well informed by providing information they can access easily.