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Business Ethics

hands-on top of each other, in a circle. The image illustrates a bond between different people from one business group with strong ethics.

Our Code

To set out an ethical framework in which to operate, we have a Code of Business Ethics. Our code shows how all of us are expected to conduct business everywhere we operate. If local laws are stricter then we must follow them, if local laws are less strict then we must follow our code. We take this code seriously and expect all of our employees and our business partners to do the same.

We at HBK believe that how we conduct our business matters every bit as much as the results we achieve. Our Code of Business Ethics is an important guide for us, setting forth our ethical framework and values, and the resources we have to act with integrity and win – the right way.

Ben Bryson, President

Our values are there to underpin how we act and behave in everything we do


Our values and how we conduct our business matters to our people, our families and the many stakeholders who have an interest in our business. We have a proud history of acting with absolute integrity and a responsibility to pass onto future generations a business that is strong and successful.

Two colleagues from HBK talking in chairs. Office picture taken in HBK Nærum office.
icon of a face silhouette looking at a mirror,  symbolising one of the three values of HBK: Be True



We believe in absolute integrity. It’s how we win

for stakeholders, the environment and each other.


  • We do the right things in the right way
  • We speak up when something isn’t right
  • We show care and respect for each other
icon of hands silhouettes touching in a circle,  symbolising one of the three values of HBK: Own It



We believe in teamwork and keeping our promises.

It’s how we build our brands and businesses.


  • We are decisive and take responsibility
  • We value diversity and play to everybody’s strengths
  • We put customers at the heart of our business
icon of a silhouette jumping over a hurdle, symbolising one of the three values of HBK: Aim High



We believe in being bold and positive. It’s how we perform at our best and achieve greater success.


  • We continuously strive to improve
  • We keep an open mind and try new things
  • We help each other succeed

Code of Business Ethics

Download our publication 'The value of integrity – Code of Business Ethics' below.


To read the publication in another language, please go to the Spectris website