Usability enhancements, speed improvements and use of multiple videos in nCode 2019.1

HBM Prenscia is pleased to announce the release of nCode 2019.1, offering improvements in functionality and performance for nCode DesignLife, nCode GlyphWorks, and nCode VibeSys.

This mid-year release focuses on the use of multiple simultaneous videos which can be synchronized with other data displays to gain insight on what was occurring in other signals. “The use of multiple, fully synchronized videos enables the engineer to look at a situation from various viewpoints. Automotive engineers working on the validation of a next-generation driver’s assistance systems (ADAS) are particularly interested in viewing multiple videos coupled with vehicle data and GPS to gain the full understanding of a particular situation. For example, in a given driving scenario, the engineer wants to observe the driver’s behaviour and how the ADAS reacted.” said Frédéric Kihm, nCode Product Manager at HBM Prenscia.

nCode 2019.1 offers additional capabilities to help engineers better understand test results and CAE durability simulations thanks to usability improvements added to virtual sensors and to the Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC) glyph. The processing speed is substantially improved with nCode DesignLife, especially for back calculations and gray iron analysis.

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Live demonstrations of nCode 2019 at Prenscia User Group Meeting (Paris, France)

HBM Prenscia is proud to present the 2019 Prenscia User Group Meeting, featuring its leading software brands, nCode and ReliaSoft. This two-day, user-centric event features two dedicated tracks of hands-on workshops and customer presentations that will empower users to address real-world durability and reliability engineering challenges with more confidence. In addition, the UGM will feature a live demonstration of new nCode technology that delivers powerful analytics to convert digitally streamed engineering data into actionable information.