Optimized Testing now available for improved proving ground usage

New release offers Optimized Testing product option for improved proving ground usage

ROTHERHAM, UK (February 13, 2012) - Version 7 of nCode GlyphWorks® graphical test data processing software from HBM features Optimized Testing, a new product option that helps durability engineers achieve overall test targets and minimize test time. This release features several other significant updates including direct integration with MATLAB and capabilities for rotating machinery analysis and data visualization.


Obtaining the best value from proving ground usage is often a major challenge to durability engineers in the automotive industry. Now available in version 7 of nCode GlyphWorks, Optimized Testing provides a proven approach to find the best mix across all measurement locations. Benefits include a significant reduction in proving ground track usage, and an increased understanding of how real world usage compares to track data. Optimized Testing accepts a wide range of inputs from measured data, which enables this approach to be applied in other industries such as aerospace, for correlating full-scale testing to actual flight data. This option is also provided as part of nCode CDS unit licensing, which offers flexible leased access to the full range of nCode GlyphWorks®, DesignLife™ and Automation PE products. The technology behind Optimized Testing will be presented in a paper, “Proving Ground Optimization and Damage Correlation with Customer Usage”, at the SAE 2012 World Congress in Detroit, April 12 – 14, 2012.


Version 7 of nCode GlyphWorks has been further enhanced with several other significant updates. Direct integration between MATLAB and nCode GlyphWorks has been added, combining the advantages of GlyphWorks with the technical capabilities of MATLAB. MATLAB scripts can be encapsulated, saved, and distributed for improved standardization of processes. Additionally, data from MATLAB written to MAT-files can be directly read for general access to MATLAB formatted data from within GlyphWorks. Additional capabilities in nCode GlyphWorks have been added in this release for rotating machinery analysis and data visualization; these benefit applications like wind turbine design as well as automotive hybrid and electric vehicle programs.


A new nCode Viewer is now available as a free download to view nCode data file formats by simply double-clicking the file in Windows® Explorer. Other data files supported by nCode software can also be viewed using nCode Viewer, which provides the full XY Display (2D) and Histogram Display (3D) capabilities of nCode GlyphWorks. For more information, recorded webinars covering these updates and other informative topics.


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