nCode 9.1 Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that version 9.1 of nCode will soon be available for release this autumn.

Learn more about the new features available in nCode DesignLife™ 9.1 during our free, web-based presentation series on topics including Powertrain and Safety Factor Analysis, Distributed Analysis and High-Performance Computing.

Safety Factor Analysis

For design of engine and other powertrain components subject to many millions of loading cycles, it is common to use a safety factor approach to assess durability. DesignLife now provides built-in methods for efficiently assessing this safety factor for complete powertrain models by using standard mean stress corrections or user-specified Haigh diagrams.

Distributed Processing and High Performance Computing

The increasing size and fidelity of finite element models are driving the use of high-performance computing environments to improve simulation throughput. DesignLife now provides the ability to distribute analysis jobs across multiple machines or nodes of a cluster in order to provide a more rapid turnaround of the largest durability problems.