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Expert Insights, Smarter Decisions

solutions for asset management
We deliver solutions that help clients streamline their design, development, and testing processes to address increasing demands for quality, reliability, availability, and durability while reducing weight and costs. 

Our solutions combine optimization software, analytics, testing, and deep application expertise - bringing insights to clients for improving product quality and performance and for reducing warranty and risk.

Deeper Knowledge

Based on decades of leadership in reliability, fatigue testing, and simulation, we will help your team validate reliability and durability assessments of mission-critical components.

Superior Insight

Reliability and durability can be accurately predicted even during the early concept and product development phases. Our team works with clients to develop forecasts for component or system life, repair, and sustainment activities.

Assurance Delivered

Through collaboration, we will work with your teams to plan and manage projects, connect to your IT infrastructure, automate your validation processes, and embed analytics to develop key metrics.

Services and Solutions for Design, Development, and Test Include:

Design of Safety, Mission and Revenue Critical Products


We work together with clients to plan and manage projects, understand requirement specifications for systems – mechanical, electronic, and software. Our experts collaborate with your team on design modeling, development, test planning and execution, and manufacturing of systems.


As a trusted partner, we are often embedded directly within customer projects. Our solutions are differentiated through our technical expertise, time-critical responsiveness, end-market knowledge, value, and customer focus.

Assurance in Reliability and Durability Engineering


We uniquely combine knowledge in failure analysis and Physics of Failure to plan and execute programs that include FMECA processes, FRACAS and root cause analysis, design for reliability and durability, accelerated testing, design for maintainability and testability for our clients.


Our systems for certification and verification address growing demand for enhanced understanding of reliability, safety, functional hazard analysis, and management of risks for integrated systems.

Customer Correlation and Accelerated Testing


By applying our expertise and using advanced analytical software to understand customer usage targets, we help clients develop equivalent accelerated proving ground schedules for a range of products and systems.


Our solutions enable clients to understand key data to be measured, validated, and analyzed. Customer reliability and durability performance targets can be created and proving ground schedules optimized – bringing realistic and accelerated tests to help manufacturers get to market faster.

Discover the Benefits of Collaborating with Our Solutions Team

Using Deeper Insights to Improve the Safety for the Railroad Industry

Improving Products Through Deeper Knowledge of Customer Usage

Optimizing Material Selection
to Assure Product Performance

Generating Multiple Unmanned Air Vehicle Safety Certification Artifacts

Assurance Delivered for New Generation Electromechanical Medical Device

Make better, faster, and more efficiently with data driven decisions