No national economy can exist without reliable energy supplies. Both electricity and fuels are prerequisites for a sustainable economic development of companies as well as communities at local or national level – regardless of whether we are talking about industrialized or emerging countries.


Energy generation, processing and distribution are highly complex and susceptible to failure. Challenges on the global scale require energy providers to constantly adapt and innovate. A comprehensive set of national and international standards help guarantee sustainability and the protection of the environment as well as safety, quality and total control of the energy produced. These standards call for constant monitoring and analysis of power grid stability and power generating unit performance to ensure stable power quality and supply. And this applies to all sectors, be it renewables, nuclear or fossil energy.


HBK measurement technology has long been of vital importance to the energy industry helping customers all over the world to ensure safe, reliable energy generation and power grid stability. Our solutions support the entire lifecycle – from planning and engineering through to manufacturing, execution, and field service.

Key Areas of Application

Smart Grids

Smart Grids can instantly control the state of the entire network, balance loads, and prevent breakdowns before they happen.  In the event of  a malfunction,  it is possible to re-configure the network and avoid  power failure thanks to intelligent self-control systems, numerous sensors and reliable data acquisitions systems.

Inverter and Multi-level Inverter Testing

HBK provides the entire measurement chain for high-voltage and complex inverter control testing. Our solutions, tailored for power measurements at inverters – including multiple high-voltage levels at stacked inverters – help you understand where losses occur to increase inverter efficiency.

Battery Testing

Innovative energy storage such as high-capacity, high-power batteries is key to the industrial transformation towards electrification. Whether structural testing, thermal management, or performance, HBK testing solutions will help you meet the challenges of battery safety and long service life.

Grid Stability

As energy cannot be stored in the grid, providers need to constantly balance supply (power generation) and demand (power consumption). HBK provides advanced measurement and test solutions that help you mitigate the effect of sudden load changes and ensure grid stability.

Wind Turbine Testing

Increasing the reliability and availability of wind turbines is a concern to engineers given the often-remote locations and harsh environments. Monitoring wind load on turbine blades is one of many key areas where HBK helps with accurate design validation and reliable, cost-effective measurements of both mechanical and electrical quantities.

Wind Turbine Generator Testing

Measuring efficiency on directly driven permanent magnet generators (PMG) of wind turbines is challenging. Yet it is important to determine efficiency whenever you want to validate design modifications or simulations of different load scenarios. Rely on HBK for fast and precise efficiency measurement.

Nuclear Power Testing

Maintaining safe operation of nuclear power plants is an ongoing task with thousands of repetitive safety tests being done. Annual repetitive tests with easy to use data recorders assisting  test personnel  during setup time and delivering automatic Go/NoGo results help to minimize downtime costing millions of $ per day.

Power Quality

Identifying and troubleshooting problems related to, for example, sudden load changes or interferences by external power consumers is essential to maintaining a stable and safe power distribution. Thanks to our advanced measurement technologies, HBK is an expert in power analysis. 

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