Space Vehicles & Satellite Qualification

Satellites and space vehicles are both delicate and costly. And they operate under extreme conditions. Moreover, during launch they experience extremely high levels of vibration and acoustical sound pressure which can severely damage or even destroy components or the payload. So thoroughly testing the whole structure including the sub-systems before launching it into space is vital. Notably high-quality vibration testing is critical to ensuring structural integrity and reliability. HBK provides safe, reliable and efficient testing solutions for structural and acoustical space vehicle qualification.

Key Areas of Application

Acoustic Fatigue Testing

Acoustic fatigue testing simulates the acoustic signature of a spacecraft launch, and then subjects the test article to those intense levels of acoustic stress to ensure that the spacecraft and its components can withstand launch.

Random Vibration Testing

This test simulates vibration typically experienced by space vehicles under real-world operating conditions. HBK’s dedicated solution helps you locate structural weaknesses and ensures that no significant structural dynamic changes have occurred.

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