In-person Seminars

19 October, 2022 – 20 October, 2022  – Strain Gauge Selection and Installation Workshop

Learn how a strain gauge works so you can understand the intricate and precise process of selecting the correct strain gauge for your application. In this training you will apply and make measurements with several different gauges using a variety of bonding and protection schemes and compare the results.


Canton, USA

23 November, 2022 – 24 November, 2022  – Strain Gauge Compact – a Practical Approach to Using Strain Gauges for Field Engineers

Learn the basics of strain gauging both in theory and practice, which you can continue to build your own expertise on, how to choose the right type of equipment for your particular task, learn about Wheatstone's measuring bridge, from strain gauge to software, how to troubleshoot properly and save time and useful tips and tricks from our expert.

Gothenburg, Sweden