OEM Custom Sensors Tech & Innovation Day

Factory Office Meeting Room: Team of Engineers Gather Around Conference Table, They Discuss Project Blueprints, Inspect Mechanism, Find Solutions, Use Laptop. Industrial Technology Factory

Join us for a walk through the HBK Process!

Our Engineering Project Team is pleased to invite you to our exclusive HBK event at our head manufacturing facilities in Darmstadt, Germany.

We understand finding the right partner is critical to formulating the right solution, especially when trying to find a true manufacturer of strain gauges.

Where our engineers will be answering questions on the custom sensors and how to turn your current system into an active sensor, as well modified existing amplifier circuits or create new ones exactly fitting the output of your current needs customers.

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Event Details


November 03, 2022
Welcome of attendees at 08:30 AM

Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer GmbH
Im Tiefen See 45
64293 Darmstadt - Germany

Phone: +49 6151 8030

Join Us: 5 Reasons Why!

  • Get Insights – And get in touch with our experts (direct route to R&D);
  • Get Feedback – Discuss your topics in “private sessions”;
  • Get a Package – You won’t leave empty-handed!;
  • Get your Decisions made – Look, Talk, Touch: how to select a supplier (confident) - Meet HBK director’s level;
  • Get a Partner – From custom sensor design to the rapid development of prototypes to lean manufacturing of scalable volumes.

Highlight of the Day

highlight of the OEM Custom Sensors Day in November at HBK in Germany

Meet OEM Sensor Expert Team


Randy Hopkins

Business Unit Director OEM Sensor
Mechanical Eng. 30 yrs experience

Randy Hopkins studied at the University of Massachusetts and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He started working at HBM in 1989 as a Product Development Engineer.

Since 2016 Randy has been the Global Director of the OEM Sensor group at HBK.

Randy brings more than 35+ years of overall sensor experience to the group being involved in many high-volume applications across various markets.



Hermann Merz

Head OEM Sensor Sales

Hermann got over 30 years of experience in technical sales and sales management.
Studied at OTH Regensburg and holds a diploma in Communications Engineering.

He started in 1992 at HBK as a field sales engineer and since 2013 he has been responsible as a Sales Manager in Central Europe for OEM and standard sensor products.

He firmly believes that especially in times of rapid digital changes, the evolution of sensors and especially OEM sensors for our customers will bring real value and benefits.


Christoph Miks

Project Manager OEM Sensor

Christoph Miks is an expert at HBK - Hottinger, Brüel & Kjaer in the field of customer-specific sensor technology. During his engineering studies at the TU Darmstadt, he already dealt with the topic of OEM sensor technology and gained important experience.

At HBK he has deepened his knowledge in the last 6 years and is your consultant and partner in your projects from the idea/strain gauges to the final sensor.

"I will support your project in every phase of the product creation.”


Dario Masato

Sales Manager Europe OEM Sensor

Dario has more than 20 years of experience in sales, 17 of those with HBM (now HBK).
He’s part of an international team of people that develop new custom-designed sensors for OEM volumes.

He supports customers in all phases, quality, engineering, logistics and production, creating direct connections and adding value to partners.

The fields in which he’s most specialized are Medical, Robotic, Agriculture and Industrial.

Anjali Mahajan profile picture

Anjali Mahajan

OEM Sensors Principal Design Engineer

Anjali holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and has more than 15 years of Industrial Engineering Design and Development experience.

She joined HBM (now HBK) as a Product Development Engineer in 2015 and currently leads a design team within the OEM Sensor Group at HBK as a Principal Design Engineer. She and her team work with customers to provide customized solutions for their most challenging sensing requirements.


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