nCode DesignLife named CAE Innovation of the Year

Automotive Testing Technology International rewards nCode DesignLife for innovative solution for predicting the fatigue of composites

SOUTHFIELD, MI (November 1, 2011) - With lightweight composite structures on the cusp of breaking into the automotive mainstream, now is certainly the time for advanced tools such as DesignLife to show what they can do. Designing for energy efficient vehicles increased use of lightweight materials, but not to the detriment of design reliability. Up-front design tools such as nCode DesignLife can be used in order to maximize the likelihood of successful physical testing

"We're honored to be recognized for our commitment to developing cutting-edge CAE fatigue analysis software" says Jon Aldred, HBM-nCode director of product management. The nCode brand is focused on delivering expertise in durability, test, and analysis solutions that can be used to solve real-world design problems and accelerate the product development."

Automotive Testing Technology International - November 2012