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Accelerated Life Testing Module

Accelerated test data analysis and test plans for multiple stresses and constant or time varying stress profiles


Accelerated Life Testing, formerly known as ALTA software, is an advanced module application available in ReliaSoft Weibull++ for accelerated test planning and quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis. It supports a complete array of utilities for designing accelerated life tests, evaluating the fit of the model, calculating reliability metrics, generating plots and performing related statistical analyses. Additionally, it provides the life-stress relationships required to analyze accelerated life test data with up to 8 simultaneous stress types, where stress is constant or varies with time.

Discover how Weibull++'s Accelerated Life Testing module can help you achieve desired results faster

Understand the effects of stresses on product life
Analyze accelerated life test data with up to 8 simultaneous stress types, where stress is constant or varies with time.

Design accelerated tests to achieve desired results
Complete the most complex accelerated life testing analyses in a clear and user-friendly interface to obtain necessary metrics.

Lower development costs with improved designs
Evaluate your product performance using reliability metrics and analyses. Improve your initial designs based on accelerated life testing data in a variety of available formats and stress models.
Significantly reduce test time and produce more robust designs
Predict long-term reliability metrics with minimal test time using life data from stress testing.

Gain better insight with nCode GlyphWorks integration
Import and process signals or time series data from nCode GlyphWorks .s3t files and subsequently utilize the post-process profiles for reliability calculations.

Provide clarity with enhanced reports and plots
Quickly provide the results, plots and reports you need to support decisions with flexible tools and automation.

Two versions to support how you analyze data obtained from quantitative accelerated life tests

Accelerated Life Testing - Standard 


This version is intended to be an entry-level tool for the reliability professional interested in basic quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis applications.

Accelerated Life Testing - PRO

This version provides advanced capabilities made possible by extensive research and development in complex quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis techniques. 

  Standard PRO
Life Distributions  Both versions support Weibull, lognormal and exponential.
Life-Stress Relationships
  • Arrhenius
  • Eyring
  • Inverse Power Law
  • Temp-Humidity
  • Temp-Nonthermal
 All of the ALTA Standard models plus:
  • Generalized Eyring
  • Proportional Hazards
  • Generalized Log-Linear (with user-defined transformations for creating models with up to eight simultaneous stresses)
  • Cumulative Damage (with the option to analyze multiple time-dependent stresses)
Parameter Estimation Both versions provide Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE).
Stresses Provides models that can analyze data with 1 or 2 stresses that do not vary with time.
  • Provides models that can analyze data with up to 8 stresses that may vary with time.
  • Provides a utility to define and manage stress profiles.
  • Use level stress can also be specified to vary with time.
Confidence Intervals Both versions provide confidence intervals on calculated results and plots. 
Analyze data with indicator variables (stress is on/off, lot, etc.) No Yes
Monte Carlo Data Generation Available for supported models only. Available for all models, including those with multiple and/or time-dependent stresses.
Accelerated Test Plan Utility Both versions provide access to the accelerated test planning utility.