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Vibration Profile Design - LIVE

Accelerate durability and vibration tests


Vibration Profile Design (formerly known as Accelerated Testing) is a specialized product option within nCode that provides the ability to help specify accelerated durability tests, saving both time and money in environmental qualification and product validation. With Vibration Profile Design, users can create a PSD or swept sine shaker vibration test based on measured data. Multiple time or frequency domain data sets can be combined into representative test spectra that accelerates the test without exceeding realistic levels.

Discover key capabilities that make nCode an ideal choice for designing vibration test specifications

Avoid costly design changes

Compare alternate supplier test qualifications and quantify how different test methods impact component durability.

Convert data into actionable information

Easily understand the damage potential of measured test data using the fatigue damage spectrum (FDS). Compare the fatigue content across different scenarios, runs or situations.

Achieve greater confidence in test results

Ensure an accelerated test specification is still representative of the same failure mechanism. Test specifications can also include a safety factor, accounting for a user-defined probability of failure.

Go-to-market faster with realistic accelerated shaker tests

Combine multiple time or frequency domain data sets to develop a representative test spectra that accelerates the test without exceeding realistic levels.

Extend the life of parts in service

Rapidly compare existing test specification with service vibration data using an embedded database that contains 100+ vibration profiles from various standards.

More efficient and right-first-time testing

Create an accelerated and realistic test specification using FE results and simulate tests up-front with virtual CAE-based fatigue analysis.

We have seen real time savings in performing random vibration tests by using nCode and will now look forward to promoting the method both internally and in our supplier base.
Learn how to create accelerated durability test specifications and experience real time savings in performing random vibration tests.
Learn how basing vibration tests on realistic specifications helps Valeo deliver reliability performance at right cost.