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Web-based Collaboration for Data and Analysis

Scalable Analytics and Test Data Management

Aqira is a web-based system for creating, sharing, and running engineering apps and analysis processes, enabling remote working from anywhere. It also provides powerful test data management for enabling metadata searches across large volumes of measure data. It delivers an integrated solution for uniting engineering processes, encapsulating expertise, and driving collaboration across physical test and CAE simulation departments. Offered using token-based licenses, Aqira provides cost-effective global licensing access to an unparalleled solution for gaining insights from validated engineering algorithms, machine learning, and data analytics. Using cloud-ready technology, Aqira can be deployed on-premise or on cloud-hosted Linux virtual machines.

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Ready to achieve success through failure prediction?

Discover how Aqira helps engineering teams with increasing workloads of analysis to be more effective and efficient with data management, apps, and high performance data analytics.

Improve quality of results and democratize analysis

Use apps to easily share validated, up-to-date analytical processes with engineers of varying experience for improved quality of analysis and productivity from less-expert users.

Extract more value from your data using test data management 

Enable efficient searching across stores of measured time series and other engineering data in order to avoid unnecessary testing and maximize productivity.

Accelerate decision making with faster signal processing

Gain actionable insights and maximize value with streamed data analytics using nCodeDS.

Global deployment with reduced IT support

Eliminate need for local installations with browser-based access to nCode GlyphWorks, DesignLife, and VibeSys and flows.

Flexible licensing and usage management

Leverage token-based licensing for cost-effective deployment and usage control based on defined user groups.

Streamline and manage engineering processes

Effectively manage access to expert-defined processes while still providing the flexibility to enable a global organization.

Do things smarter


Find processes and create finished reports. Work more effectively and efficiently through standardized, version controlled analytical processes.

Make tasks easier


Utilize engineering apps. Democratize analysis by making tasks easier for more users through shared apps to confidently get the right results.

Access from anywhere


Web-based analysis and simulation. Server-side processing simplifies deployment and eliminates the need for local installation of nCode software.

Test data management


Volumes of measured time series and virtual results data are increasing rapidly. Aqira provides the power you need to maximize value through distributed access, search and re-use of data.

Streamed data analytics - nCodeDS


Designed for scalable deployment within the web-based Aqira platform, nCodeDS (nCode Digital Streams) provides both the performance and the ease of use required to analyze high volumes of digital bus and connected vehicle data. 

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Democratization and how to deliver its benefits


Democratization promises to deliver real benefits for durability analysis by capturing corporate knowledge and making targeted, well-defined simulations easier for more engineers to perform. But to do so, it must overcome some real practical challenges in order to become a broadly adopted reality.

To achieve these aims, democratization through the use of engineering apps must be in the hands of engineers themselves so that the whole lifecycle of apps can be efficiently and cost effectively managed.

Aqira provides an intuitive, web-based platform for engineers to create and share easy-to-use engineering apps. Aqira delivers on the promise of democratization of durability analysis for all.

Ready to achieve success through failure prediction?