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Monitoramento de trens Wayside

Fixação, fácil de usar e econômica, sem impacto na manutenção da pista

ARGOS® instant system monitors the load conditions of a wagon and enables effective detection of high dynamic forces including flat wheels on running trains. Loading condition monitoring (WIM) detects overloads, loading errors or load displacements in wagons. With the measurement of the dynamic wheel forces, irregularities are detected, which follow, for example, wheel shape errors and flat wheels (WILD).


Ideal for operational safety monitoring at checkpoints.

The ARGOS® Instant is a standardized Weighing in Motion (WIM) and force measurement system. The principle of the system is that special clamp-on sensors are mounted in the sleeper spaces.


These clamp-on sensors are mounted on the rails over a length of approximately 9.6 m.


No mechanical modification or alterations of rail fastenings, sleeper (cross-tie), sleeper geometry, permanent way profile, ballast or formation is required in any way. 

The clamp-on sensors are not impacted by the standard metrological environments −30°C to +65°C, fine and coarse dust particles, rain, snow, ice protected, humidity from dry to 95% and flying ballast stone protected. Electromagnetic interferences and lightning do not impact the system. 


The sensors are also protected with stainless steel with defence against most chemicals such as lime, sulphur, petroleum products and phosphates, which may spill from wagons.

Limite a segurança operacional (pontos de verificação)

Projetado para integrar

Values and alarms (overloads, etc.) are reported in the operating control centres. The modern and flexible interfacing allows easy and safe integration into existing or new operating control centres.

Experiência acumulada

ARGOS®, a system from HBK developed in cooperation with specialized partners

ADES – Echtzeitdatenverarbeitungssysteme-Gesellschaft m.b.H.


The adaptation and extension of HBK standard solutions is a central task. ADES provides future-proof and well-established modules that allow the integration of ARGOS® products into traditionally oriented IT infrastructure provided by the customer. We use concepts of traditional client/server operation as well as cloud, edge and fog computing. Numerous implementations in the fields of critical infrastructure and system integration enable ADES to provide a broad portfolio of products and frameworks. Enterprise application integration is our daily business.

BAMM – Dr. Mittermayr Scientific GmbH & Co KG

This partner’s strengths lie in research and development in the domain of natural sciences, in particular mechanics and mathematics. This includes the theoretical modelling of practical questions and their implementation into efficient algorithms and computer programs for numerical simulations. Furthermore, huge amounts of measured data are analyzed and verified.