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TSI SPOT® - Ponto Único de Verdade

carril cinzento numa via curva, com rodas e infra-estrutura de catenária delineada

Fornecemos ferramentas de software para soluções pioneiras de progresso e eficiência na exploração e manutenção


Future proof

Cost effective


The TSI-SPOT® concept (Single Point Of Truth) includes the ecosystem of sensors, data acquisition systems and software solutions for data analysis and simulation and links them with commercial data for railway companies.


With these components, you can also create complete systems thanks to open interfaces and high flexibility, which enables the following tasks:


On-track measurement: Accurate assessment of the condition of the vehicle's wheels, pantographs, handling and operational performance.

On Board Track and Vehicle Measurement: Sensor-based testing and monitoring of the alignment of tracks and their riding quality, as well as the condition of the overhead line while the train is running. Sensor-based reports if maintenance work is required on the vehicle.

The system data exchange between the vehicle and track, as well as, the traceability of the measurement result with the integration of maintenance data, enables a reliable data source. With the help of modern forecast models, future trends are reliably calculated and tailored to the needs of the customer so that they can be used directly for maintenance measures.


These systems are indispensable for digital transformation processes and enable faster and more resilient decisions.