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Powertrain Testing with HBM Torque Transducers

Testing of drives and power trains is a key task in vehicle development. Especially in view of the required substantial increases in efficiency next-generation cars and large utility vehicles need to offer, it is essential that every motor and every drive are precisely tested.  

Torque measurement is a key criterion for measurements in the power train. Nearly all automobile manufacturers, testing houses and test stand developers worldwide rely on sensors from HBM when measuring torque. HBM's non-contacting torque transducers guarantee outstanding precision, ease of use (freedom from maintenance) and smooth integration with automation environments thanks to digital technology.

Benefit from a wide range of torque sensors suited to different requirements, up to maximum precision, maximum rotational speed and maximum speed. The ideal complement: The modules of HBM's QuantumX universal amplifier system, for precise and reliable data acquisition.

Torque Measurement in Power Test Stands


It is becoming more and more important to:

  • increase mechanical output power
  • improve efficiency
  • protect energy resources and
  • reduce environmental pollution.

Which is why the demands made on test stands are constantly getting more stringent. Test stands have an important role to play in developing engines, powertrain components and brakes.

Modern test technology helps by reducing development times, despite the ever-increasing complexity of concepts and requirements. The more stringent these demands become, the more important it is to have relevant measuring equipment.

Torque transducers are usually at the heart of these test stands. Torque transducers from HBM, especially torque flanges, are impressively accurate, reliable and compact.

Torque Transducers for Power Train Testing Applications

Complete Solutions for Powertrain Testing