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Mapeamento da Intensidade Sonora

Sound intensity mapping is one of a number of noise identification techniques available to engineers working on noise, vibration and harshness problems.

It is a versatile tool to measure the magnitude and direction of energy in a sound field for a variety of applications, such as determining sound power, sound absorption and sound transmission. Sound direction and noise ‘hot spots’ can be quickly determined regardless of background noise, with visual and aural feedback during measurements allowing convenient, on-the-spot results for sound sources in operation.

Colour-contour noise maps provide intuitive documentation and easy communication of results with others, and the selective sound intensity option can further identify the internal root sources and radiation mechanisms involved.

When measuring a large number of points, robotic systems can accurately automate microphone positioning; for use on-site or inside moving vehicles, we offer hand-held systems based on a sound level meter.

Sugestão de sistema

sound intensity mapping

The recommended system for sound intensity mapping applications is based on a BK Connect data acquisition and analysis system with LAN-XI front-end with sound intensity front panel and noise source identification software. A sound intensity probe set with remote control and a sound intensity calibrator complete the system.

The system can be expanded with a two-dimensional, automated positioning system for a sound intensity probe and a third input on the front-end is available for selective intensity measurements.



Produtos relacionados

BK Connect Type 8430

Array Analysis Software

BK Connect Array Analysis enables real-time noise source location and mapping using a microphone array. Point-and-shoot measuring results and video recordings provide detailed analysis using beamforming and holography technology.

TYPE 7882

Sound Power Using Sound Intensity

For determining sound power of a product during normal operation in any sound field, by measuring sound intensity to ISO standards.


Sound Intensity Front Panel

UA-2104 is a front panel specifically designed for sound intensity measurements on PULSE.

TYPE 3599

Sound Intensity Probe Kit

Designed to be used with Brüel & Kjær’s range of sound intensity analyzers for sound intensity measurements.

TYPE 4297

Sound Intensity Calibrator

Sound intensity calibrator is deisgned for on-site sound-pressure calibration and pressure-residual intensity-index verification.