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Beamforming Esférico

Ideal for in-cabin noise and leak detection, spherical beamforming is a quick way of mapping relative sound pressure and sound intensity arriving from all directions.

The array consists of 36 or 50 microphones distributed across the surface of a solid sphere with 12 integrated cameras. The acoustical parameters measured over the surface of the sphere are then projected onto a 2D surface in the same way that information on a globe is represented on a flat map in an atlas. The algorithms used are ‘SHARP’ and our patented ‘Filter and Sum’, which increases the dynamic range of the array and suppresses virtual images caused by sidelobes.

A low-frequency extension means that the system can be used over a wide frequency range.

Sugestão de sistema

Spherical beamforming systems are supplied as customer‐specified projects. A typical system for vehicle interior noise measurements would consist of PULSE measurement and post-processing software for spherical beamforming, LAN‐XI data acquisition hardware including the frame, modules and front panels, a 36 or 50-channel spherical array, plus accessories (for example, a car seat fixture, pistonphone, splitter box, cables, etc.).

TYPE 8606

Spherical beamforming software

Fast, one-shot noise source location of complete rooms or cabins in a 360-degree sound map overlaid on a photograph, using a spherical microphone array containing cameras.