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Teste de passagem em ambientes fechados

Indoor pass-by is commonly used in development engineering and detecting noise source contributions.

BK Connect Indoor Pass-by provides a tool for simulating field pass-by performance for a vehicle running on a chassis dynamometer in a hemi-anechoic test chamber according to a range of international standards. 

Measuring a vehicle’s interior and exterior noise during operation is far simpler in such a chamber. Eliminating variables such as weather and site variations makes measurements more reproducible, while the stationary vehicle allows more instrumentation.  

Simulation of pass-by noise is achieved by placing a row of microphones each side of the test vehicle to represent the relative positions of the standard pass-by microphones during a conventional outdoor test. The vehicle is driven on the chassis dynamometer in the same way as in the standard test.


System Suggestion

Vehicle indoor pass-by system overview

A typical Indoor Pass-by system is based on the BK Connect data acquisition and analysis platform. The software is combined with LAN‐XI data acquisition hardware (including frame, modules, and front panels), and free-field microphones.

 Interact with our 3D infographic

Pass-by SPC gives further possibilities for identifying the major contributions of exterior noise corresponding to the specific sound sources; for example, powertrain, intake/exhaust system and tyres. 

Produtos relacionados

TYPE 4189-A-021

½-inch Free-field Microphone With Type 2671 Preamplifier, Prepolarized

Free-field microphone designed for high-precision measurements, requiring high sensitivity with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.


Pass-by Source Path Contribution

BK Connect® Pass-by SPC helps you investigate the contribution of noise sources such as tyres, engine/motor, exhaust, to the overall pass-by noise.


Pass-by viewer

BK Connect® Pass-by Viewer for easy inspection of results during the test and post process.


Indoor Pass-by software

BK Connect® Indoor Pass-by for setup and performance of measurements simulating pass-by noise on a chassis dynamometer in a hemi-anechoic chamber.


Volume Velocity Source Measurements

Volume Velocity Source Measurement Software is part of BK Connect and is designed for quick and easy measurement of acoustic transfer functions.

TYPE 3053

12-CHANNEL Input Module

A cost-efficient and compact LAN-XI DAQ module for high-channel count applications, this module is an ideal building block for large systems - with a DC to 25.6 kHz input range.

Type 3050

Multi-Purpose 4- and 6-Channel Input Modules

Designed to cover a wide range of sound and vibration measurement applications.

TYPE 3058

Can Bus Module

CAN Bus Module Type 3058 is a versatile 8-channel 25.6 kHz DAQ module with two independent CAN bus input channels. The ideal solution for automotive NVH applications in the lab or in the field.