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jovem com fone de ouvido, na frente de um computador, sorrindo enquanto participava de alguns eventos online

At HBK, we're constantly working on better ways to communicate with our customers. Follow the events around the globe. 

Próximos eventos

Mai 03-05, 2023 - HBK Solution Days, Automotive Days


Unser Engineering-Team freut sich, Sie zu unserer exklusiven HBK-Veranstaltung in Darmstadt (Deutschland), einzuladen. Es ist entscheidend, den richtigen Partner zu finden, um die richtige Lösung für die Automobilindustrie zu erarbeiten, insbesondere wenn Sie versuchen, einen echten Hersteller von Batterietests, eDrive und Schall- und Schwingungen zu finden.

Sep 13, 2023  - 7. TIM (Tagung Innovation Messtechnik)


Die Tagung Innovation Messtechnik befasst sich mit neuen und innovativen Forschungsergebnissen im messtechnischen Bereich. Die Themen der Tagung umfassen alle Aspekte der modernen Messtechnik. Diese reichen vom Sensordesign bis hin zu konkreten Anwendungsfällen. Wir laden Wissenschaftler: innen und Innovationsführer: innen aus akademischen und industriellen Betrieben dazu ein, ihre Forschungen in den Gebieten der mechanischen, optischen und elektrischen Sensoren und Messtechnik zu präsentieren.

Eventos anteriores

April 19-20, 2023 – EPIC Meeting on Fiber Sensors at HBK FiberSensing

HBK FiberSensing hosted an event on Optical Fiber Sensors, organized by EPIC, the European Photonics Industry Consortium.

In the Portuguese city of Porto, we learned about the different existing technologies, their latest developments and trends, from the lenses of the industry partners: manufacturers, researchers and users. At the end of these interesting two days, we invited you for a company tour of HBK facilities in Maia, Portugal.

March 21 or 22, 2023 - OEM Custom Sensor Tech & Innovation Day


We understand finding the right partner is critical to formulating the right solution, especially when trying to find a true manufacturer of strain gauges. Our engineers will be answering questions on the custom sensors and how to turn your current system into an active sensor, as well modified existing amplifier circuits or create new ones exactly fitting the output of your current needs customers.


grey rail in a curved track, with wheels and overhead line infrastructure outlined. rail illustration outline

InnoTrans is the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology. The 2022 edition took place on 20-23 September in Berlin, Germany. HBK was in hall 23, booth 315. You can now access and download the HBK documents regarding our Products and Solutions for the Rail industry.



Do you face challenges in sensors for measurement accuracy and precision or subsequent data analysis, analytics and reliability modelling? Although HBK Technology Days virtual series is now complete, you can still view and download the presentations from each session.


The six sessions showcased applications of measurement, monitoring and modelling for electrical, acoustical, and structural performance from batteries to bridges to aircraft landing gear and electric vehicles.

ilustração de um carro, trem, energia eólica e plataforma de petróleo para o HBK Technology Days 2022

This 6-part series of 90-minute virtual seminars focuses on joints & welds, wire-DED Additive Manufacturing, surface treatment, fatigue testing & characterisation for aircraft structures, automotive and ground vehicle structures and electric vehicle battery structures.

simulação de um carro, uma equipe visualizando um modelo de avião e um engenheiro no computador usando software para o HBK Technology Days 2021

This 6-part series of 90-minute virtual seminars focus on the durability, reliability and associated data analytics challenges of in-field, proving ground and laboratory vehicle testing and analysis, with special sessions on electric vehicle batteries, and the challenges of measuring and calculating their electrical power.

generic electric car with battery visible x-ray charging at public charger in city parking lot with lens flare 3d render

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