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Sistema de Medição Acústica

When shaping a conference room for speech or a concert hall, or when dampening the sound of a gym hall, accurate acoustic measurement and reporting is absolutely crucial. To help you achieve your desired acoustic profile, Brüel & Kjær Acoustic Measurement Equipment provides a complete system for your room and building acoustics measurement projects.

architectural acoustics


Architectural acoustics encompasses the fields of building acoustics and room acoustics. Building acoustics focuses on sound transmission through walls, doors and floors. Room acoustics focuses on the behavior of sound inside a room.

Please review our Glossary of Acoustic Terms


In a room, good acoustics require a design that is fit for purpose, such as easy communication and a high degree of intelligibility in office spaces or long reverberation times in concert halls. Issues with acoustics are normally caused by sound being reflected too much, too little or in the wrong direction.


To limit noise from entering a room, or to understand the degree to which it penetrates, building acoustics come into play. Here we focuses on sound transmission through walls and entrances, such as noise from people or outside vehicles.


For acoustic testing; dispersion, attenuation and amplitude of noise levels in various angles, and distances come into effect. OmniPower Type 4292-L radiates sound evenly across all directions, delivering a balanced omnidirectional signal for acoustic measurements.

Class 1 Sound Level Meters and Hand-Held Analyzers

Our class 1 sound level meters provide an ideal platform for acoustic testing. B&K Type 2250 and Type 2270 both support our room and building acoustics sound level meter software; providing intuitive workflows to guide measurements, calculate sound insulation in situ, and display measurement results - instantly while testing.

2250L G4 Stylus 6