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For decades, an unabated demand for cars and the prevalence of individual transportation have pushed rail systems across continents to the background. Considered by many as inflexible and outdated, discussions about how to travel quicker than an aircraft and how to counter climate change and minimize our ecological footprint have led to an increased interest in rail as an efficient and safe means of transport of people and freight. Rail systems are, therefore, being revolutionized to play an important part in green logistics and freight distribution as well as high-speed passenger mobility.

Covering rail R&D applications such as virtual and physical testing, and metrology, HBK not only offers a vast range of tools for lifetime simulation, test and measurement but also the experience and know-how to understand the industry's challenges in digitalizing it by operational monitoring and predictive maintenance. Dive deeper into the HBK world of rail testing and monitoring solutions, ensuring the highest and most reliable result driven data quality, productivity, and competence.

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A rail vehicle’s life expectancy, efficiency and reliability depend on its resistance to, for example, mechanical loads and weather influences without jeopardizing safety and efficiency. Individual components can only be approved if they meet the specific requirements set by national supervisory authorities. So, before entry into service, individual components and entire railway vehicles are tested extensively in labs, on test benches, or on-track in realistic conditions. This includes official approval and validation of mechanical and electrical components, brakes, and the overall vehicle acoustics, which is a requirement for conformance and homologation.


HBK measurement technology and data analytics not only provides valuable insights into structural integrity, performance and noise levels, but also helps manufacturers to comply with tough international safety standards. 

With an expected lifespan of up to thirty years, manufacturers and rail operating companies must not only maintain the safety, reliability and durability of their vehicles but also continuously modernize and maintain them while keeping costs low and without compromising performance. Therefore, condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance are important to ensure a safe, cost-efficient, smooth and easy rail operation. With the digitalization of railway operation, maintenance services become a proactive predictable part protecting the infrastructure and avoiding poor conditions causing vehicle or infrastructure defects.


To reduce the risk of possible damage to the rail network and to save time, resources, and money, HBK delivers full measurement and monitoring solutions for both vehicle and infrastructure.

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