Software and solutions for durability, fatigue, and reliability engineering professionals

Unique and integrated approach for product test, design and maintenance optimization

HBM Prenscia offers a robust set of tools for engineers to efficiently transform data into decisions. Our software tools enable companies around the world to enhance returns on investment and operational success through efficient reliability and durability analyses, data management and reporting, asset monitoring, and CAE simulation.

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Signal processing and durability analysis software

Web-based platform for analysis and simulation

Aqira is a web-based platform for creating, sharing, and running engineering apps and analysis processes. It delivers an integrated solution for uniting engineering processes, encapsulating expertise, and driving performance across physical test and CAE simulation departments. Offered using token-based licenses, Aqira provides cost-effective global licensing access to an unparalleled solution for gaining insights from advanced data sciencemachine learning, and big data analytics.

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Streamed data analytics

Designed for scalable deployment within the web-based Aqira platform, nCodeDS (nCode Digital Streams) provides both the performance and the ease of use required to analyze high volumes of digital bus and connected vehicle data. 

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Time series data processing

nCode GlyphWorks is a data processing system that contains a powerful set of pre-defined tools for performing durability analysis and other insightful tasks such as digital signal processing. Designed to handle huge amounts of data, GlyphWorks provides a graphical, process-oriented environment that contains leading analysis capabilities for saving both time and money in environmental qualification and product validation

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Frequency domain analysis

nCode VibeSys is a data processing system that contains a powerful set of pre-defined tools for performing vibration analysis. In addition to general signal processing, VibeSys contains dedicated analyses for early fault detection in rotating machinery, efficiently analyzing and fine-tuning designs for better sound quality, and characterizing the dynamics of a structure.

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Structural durability from FEA

nCode DesignLife is an up-front design tool that identifies critical locations and calculates realistic fatigue lives from leading finite element (FE) results for both metals and composites. Design engineers can go beyond performing simplified stress analysis and avoid under- or over-designing products by simulating actual loading conditions to avoid costly design changes.

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Fatigue parameters for commonly used steels and aluminum alloys

The Premium Materials Database provides an unprecedented collection of over 130 fatigue properties primarily for commonly used steels and aluminium alloys. These high quality fatigue parameters include statistical estimates of scatter to enable reliability and certainty of survival to be assessed and are fully characterized at our own material testing facility.

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Annual leased access to nCode software

Prenscia Access is a unified, token-based licensing model that provides annual leased access to nCode software for processing measured data, calculating CAE fatigue life, vibration analysis, streamed data analytics, and other durability-related analysis techniques.