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Tunnel Monitoring with Optical Sensor Technology

Tunnels are at the core of our infrastructure. They are found in large cities, mountains and even underwater. They provide connections and shorten distances. But how safe are they?

Today, modern monitoring systems allow reliable condition monitoring of tunnels using fiber Bragg technology.

Mechanical deformations in a tunnel can present a significant safety hazard particularly during construction work on the tunnel itself or in its immediate surroundings. It is essential to quickly check the stability and reliability of the structure.

When choosing the sensor technology to be used for tunnel monitoring it is necessary to consider the following challenges:

  • Will the sensors be able to reliably provide the required signal throughout the intended time – both in the short term and in the long term?
  • Long cables are usually used in tunnels. Can you, therefore, guarantee the quality of the measurement signal even over long distances?
  • Can the monitoring system be installed, without affecting traffic in the tunnel?
  • And, of course, the fundamental question: what measurement quantities and underlying models are suitable, for example, to trigger an alarm in the event of a problem?

For all the above, optical sensor technology, based on fiber Bragg technology, has developed into a powerful alternative to conventional monitoring systems.


光纤布拉格传感器用光测量物理量,如应变。 除了出色的长期稳定性外,该技术还具有另一个主要优势:它可以使测量值进行远距离传输,而且几乎没有测量质量的损失。此外,一个光波导可以容纳几个光纤布拉格传感器,从而将建立监测系统所需的努力降到最低。这是一个至关重要的方面,特别是在监测通常有许多公里长的隧道时。 此外,该系统可用于收集隧道正常运行期间的测量数据,而不会干扰交通。




  1. 用于测量应变和温度的传感器,安装在隧道衬砌上。传感器可以焊接在金属大梁上,嵌入混凝土墙内或粘在表面。这些 "传感器环 "可以安装在不同的隧道路段,并通过光缆相互连接。

  1. 用于处理光信号的询问器


  1. 用于处理测量数据的软件





HBK测量系统是一个连续使用的可靠解决方案。这意味着它们不仅能可靠地、长期地获取测量数据,而且还能对隧道几何形状的重大变化配置自动警报。 系统可以用现成的产品建立,也可以在我们的定制系统团队的支持下根据你的具体需求进行调整。联系我们!



更多信息可以在我们的应用说明中找到:用于应变和收敛测量的光学监测系统 (PDF)。