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내구성 분석 및 피로 수명 예측 소프트웨어

Additive Damage Analysis of the Frequency Damage Spectrum


The Frequency Damage Spectrum provides relative damage with damage values across the spectrum at frequency intervals. Is it possible to sum these damage values to provide a relative damage comparison? This presentation will compare relative damage of strain response of 2 different specimens to the additive damage of the Frequency Damage Spectrum for different duty cycles to see if it's feasible or not.


  • Need to compare different riding events using fatigue damage metrics
  • No established method for relative damage comparison


  • Recognize resonant frequencies, either using physical measurements (and VibeSys software) or virtual predictions (and DesignLife software).
  • Focus fatigue damage analysis on frequencies near resonance.


  • Interpret damage comparison results intelligently.
  • Compare which riding events are most damaging and hence critical to design.

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