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nCode Viewer is provided as a free download for viewing individual data files by simply double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer. Various data files supported by nCode software can be viewed using nCode Viewer (ncodeviewer.exe) which provides the full XY Display (2D) and Histogram Display (3D) capabilities of nCode GlyphWorks. 

A utility fileassociation.exe is provided to register file types with the nCode Viewer and by default registers the following formats:
  • nCode S3 Time Series (s3t)
  • nCode S3 Histogram (s3h)
  • nCode S3 Multi-column (s3m)
  • nCode S3 Complex Frequency (s3c)
  • nCode DAC Time Series (dac)
  • nCode Burst Time Series (mcb)
  • nCode Time Stamped (mcm)
Other format extensions can be associated as required including SoMat SIE, SoMat SIF, HBM catman.bin, B&K BKC, MTS RPC3, Saginomiya RFC, UFF (Type 58), National Instruments DIAdem DAT, imc FAMOS RAW, I-DEAS Test ATI , TEAC TAFFmat and OROS oxf.

The executables will run on Windows 10. More information on setup is provided in the ReadMe.txt file in the zip file.

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