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Analyzing Complete Data

Six units are tested to failure. The objective is to use the complete data from the analysis to obtain a probability plot with 90% 2-sided confidence bounds and a pdf plot.

(Same logic as previous software example)

Experiment and data


The following failure times are observed for 6 units: 11,260; 12,080; 12,125; 12,825; 13,550 and 14,670 hours.



Step 1: The parameters for the data are calculated using the normal distribution and rank regression on X as the parameter estimation method, as shown next.

Figure 1: Standard folio with data and results
Step 2: Next, a probability plot is created with 90% 2-sided Time (Type I) confidence bounds, as shown next.
Figure 2: Normal probability plot with 90% 2-sided confidence bounds on time
Step 3: Finally, the pdf plot is created, as shown next.
Figure 3: pdf plot