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릴리아소프트 호스팅 라이선스

Use the following instructions if you received only a license key (a 32-digit alphanumeric code).


Alternatively, if you received a license file (*.lic), see


One or both methods can be used on the same computer. For example, if you have your own single-user license for BlockSim and will share your department’s multi-user (floating) license for Weibull++, you will receive a license key for BlockSim and a license file for Weibull++.


If you will use both types of licensing on the same computer, use the installation instructions for locally hosted licenses. When you launch any application that isn’t included in your locally hosted license or that you have specified as using ReliaSoft-hosted licensing via the License Settings Tool, the ReliaSoft License Manager will allow you to perform the activation of your ReliaSoft-hosted license(s) using a product license key.



Requirements for All Installations


  • Before running the installation program, make sure your computer meets the system requirements for ReliaSoft desktop applications.
  • You must be logged in with a user account that has administrative rights.
  • It is strongly recommended that you close all other applications during the installation.


How to Activate Each Application on Your Computer


If you are requesting a demo or have already received a license key (a 32-digit alphanumeric code), you will be using ReliaSoft-hosted licensing.


If your computer has an active Internet connection and your firewall allows the software to access ReliaSoft's secure external license server at *, only a few simple steps are required for activation:



1. Install the ReliaSoft desktop applications by double-clicking the installation program from the ePack (e.g., ReliaSoft2022.exe) and following the prompts.


2. The first time you launch an application, the activation wizard will appear. On the first page, select whether you want to activate a license or request a free demo license.


3. On the next page, enter a valid e-mail address to serve as your ReliaSoft ID. This is the e-mail address where you will receive confirmation e-mails from the ReliaSoft license server. It will also identify all of the products registered to you. This must be your company e-mail address— not gmail, hotmail, etc.


  • Name and Contact Info: If this is the first time that you have registered a ReliaSoft desktop application on this computer with this e-mail address, the next page will request your name and basic contact information. 
  • Demo License: If you need a demo license, most requests will be addressed immediately during normal business hours; for some locations, please allow up to 2 business days.

4. On the next page, enter the product license key provided by ReliaSoft. Tip: If you are able to copy the key from a product delivery e-mail, the Paste icon saves time by automatically entering each section into the appropriate input box. 


Pasting the License Key


  • Confirmation Keys: If your license type requires a confirmation key, the next page requires you to copy/paste a key that you will receive via e-mail. Tip: If the e-mail does not appear in your inbox within a few minutes, check your Junk mail or SPAM folders.
  • Activate Multiple Applications: If your license key includes other ReliaSoft desktop applications that have not yet been activated on this computer, the next page gives you the opportunity to activate any or all of them at the same time.

5. When you see the "Your product has been activated" message, click Finish to start using the software.



Problems Communicating with the ReliaSoft License Server


Floating Licenses:  If your organization has a Floating License, your access to the application at any given time depends on how many other users who share the license are accessing the application at the same time. After the initial activation (i.e., the steps described above), the software will automatically check the server each time you try to access the application. Therefore, the computer must have an active Internet connection and must be able to access the ReliaSoft license server whenever you wish to use the software. You may need to adjust your Internet and/or firewall settings and/or set the server as a trusted location in order to use the application.


Deactivation: The ReliaSoft license server will prohibit future activations that would exceed the limits of your license key; therefore, it is important to deactivate ReliaSoft desktop applications if they are no longer being used by a particular computer and/or user. You will be prompted to deactivate upon uninstall, and you also have the option to deactivate without uninstall if desired. For details, visit this page.


Personal or Corporate Firewalls: The software must communicate with the ReliaSoft license server each time you activate a particular application on a particular computer. Personal or corporate firewalls can block this communication. Possible solutions:

  • Personal firewalls (Norton Firewall, ZoneAlarm, BlackIce, Outpost, McAfee Firewall, etc.) need to be configured to allow the software to communicate with the server. Generally, these products will ask for your authorization when the software first tries to establish communication with the server (e.g., "BlockSim.exe is attempting to access the Internet. Do you wish to authorize it?" or something similar). It is recommended to make this authorization permanent if possible.
  • Some firewall configurations block all new programs without any warning. To activate the software, it will be necessary to manually add the software name to the authorized list. Provide for unlimited access for the software.
  • If all of this still fails, try to deactivate the firewall temporarily until the software has been activated. The majority of firewalls have an option to suspend their action. If not, you will have to terminate the firewall. Activate the software and then reboot your machine to restore firewall action.
  • For network or corporate firewalls, you may need to ask the network manager to make the required settings to allow the software to communicate with the ReliaSoft license server and/or add this domain to a trusted list.


Alternative Ways to Activate


If the software is not able to communicate directly with the ReliaSoft license server, there are alternative options. If all else fails, you can contact us via, phone, e-mail and/or fax to obtain an Activation Code.



Proxy Settings


If you have an Internet connection (green check mark) but the software is unable to communicate with the ReliaSoft license server (red x), you can attempt to use alternative credentials by clicking Proxy Settings.


Connection Status


IMPORTANT: For Floating Licenses, if your organization's proxy settings change regularly, we do not recommend using this process. Please consult your network administrator for setup assistance.


In the Proxy Settings window, enter the information required (you may need the assistance of your network administrator to complete this) and click Test Settings. The OK button will become enabled if the test is successful. If the proxy fails, you can click Cancel and try another method.


Note that if you have activated the software on your computer using a proxy and the proxy settings subsequently change, you will need to update the settings for the ReliaSoft desktop applications. The easiest way to return to the Proxy Settings window is to launch a ReliaSoft application that you have not activated on your computer. If you have activated all applications, please contact technical support for assistance.



Request an Activation Code via the Web


To request an Activation Code using our web form, you can select Use an Activation Code, continue until you reach the screen requesting your product license key and activation code and click the Get an Activation Code online link, or you can go directly to ** in your web browser. Enter the required fields and click the E-mail Activation Code.

* This license server is for Version 2022 and later. Previous versions will continue to use the license server at

** This URL is for Version 2022 and later. For previous versions, go to