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향상된 협업 기능을 제공하는 차세대 엔지니어링 소프트웨어

HBM Prenscia, developer of leading engineering software of reliability, durability, and performance products and services, announces today the release of Aqira 2018, the latest version of its web-based platform for creating, sharing, and running engineering apps and analysis processes. Key enhancements include:

  • Further enhanced the capabilities for running nCode through a browser.
  • Standardized processes can be shared and used in easy to use apps.
  • New benefits for licensing including reduced token draw for certain products.

In this iteration, Aqira contains enhanced capabilities for running nCode analysis software over the web. Engineers can now create new analyses or edit existing processes to perform engineering tasks such as processing measured data, analyzing acoustics and vibration data, and performing CAE-based fatigue analysis all within Aqira’s simple web-based interface. By running nCode over the web, Aqira eliminates the need to manage many local installations and therefore reduces IT effort while meeting technology requirements of engineering and managers.


Increasingly important to engineers is the ability to ensure right product durability with even greater reliability. To meet these challenges, Aqira 2018 introduces engineering apps for standardizing and sharing processes, enabling less-expert users to perform more analysis and improve collaboration. Thanks to Aqira’s graphical page designer, no scripting is required to create an app and authors have complete control over the editing and distribution of the app. Organizations can be confident in the security of their data with fully secure communications using HTTPS.

Aqira leverages Prenscia Access, a token-based licensing system that draws a specified number of tokens from a shared cache when a ReliaSoft or nCode software product option is launched. Aqira 2018 now offers access to more product options such as ReliaSoft XFMEA and offers reduced token draw for certain options such as processing threads. Additionally, the system utilizes a time-zone based usage model for license tokens, providing a more cost effective approach for global software usage.


 “Aqira 2018 is major step forward in providing the technology that enhances the way engineers, managers, and IT collaborate to deliver results,” said Jon Aldred, Vice President of Product Management at HBM Prenscia. “It is all about helping our clients work smarter to ensure the durability and reliability of their products.”

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