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ReliaSoft의 소프트웨어 등록 및 활성화(2021년 이전)

웹 활성화 옵션

Questions or Problems contact: Technical Support


ReliaSoft software products must be registered and activated on the computer that they are installed on. The first time you launch an application after it has been installed, a wizard will take you through the steps required for registration and activation. The wizard offers several different options to complete the activation. If you choose to use the web-based option, this page provides access to the forms you need to request an activation code. The form that you need depends on the version of the application.


Use this page for applications prior to Version 8. For all applications from Version 8 on, click here.


Applications Prior to Version 8


If you need an activation code for the one of the applications prior to Version 8, click the appropriate button below to begin the registration/activation process. You will be asked to provide the following information.

  • Name, company and e-mail address for the person who is registering the software.
  • The product name and version.
  • The product license
  • The PIN that identifies the computer (provided by the activation wizard).


Simply enter the required fields (identified with an asterisk) and click Request Activation Code. The code will be sent to you via e-mail.

Weibull++ ALTA BlockSim






















MPC XFRACAS and Orion eAPI FMEA Accelerator










Xfmea RCM++ Lambda Predict























For all applications Version 8 and above, click here.