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Prenscia Access

Annual leased access to software for durability, reliability, and maintenance

Prenscia Access

Annual leased access to nCode and ReliaSoft

Prenscia Access is a unified, token-based licensing model that provides annual leased access to software for processing measured data, calculating CAE fatigue life, and other durability-related analysis techniques; as well as reliability-related modeling and analysis techniques, such as life data analysis, accelerated life testing analysis, reliability block diagrams and FMEAs.

When launched, each product option draws a specified number of tokens from your organization’s shared pool. When the software is closed, the tokens are released back to the shared pool for other users to draw from. Users can run any configuration of product options, up to the limit of available units.

Highly flexible

Gain instant access to any combination of nCode and ReliaSoft products and easily implement new modules.


Ensure end-users stays current — Prenscia Access includes all version upgrades and new products releases.


Utilize different ReliaSoft or nCode software products at a fraction of the cost of issuing individual licenses.