Charge Mode


What is the working principle of a pressure sensor? A pressure sensor works by converting pressure into an analogue electrical signal. The demand for pressure-measuring instruments increased during the steam age. Nowadays we measure pressure electronically using pressure transducers and pressure switches.

Piezoelectric pressure sensors have been used to measure AC coupled, fast rise-time, transient, and high-frequency dynamic events since the early 1950's. Rugged Dytran quartz and ceramic pressure sensors measure transient or AC pulses in the air and in closed hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including cavitations and sudden spikes or surges in systems where an existing static pressure could mask dynamic events.

Sound pressure events in the air such as blast waves, airbag deployment, or high noise can also be measured with high-sensitivity dynamic pressure sensors.

Dytran charge mode pressure sensors utilize pure synthetic quartz crystals to produce electrostatic charge signals analogous to pressure changes at the diaphragm.